How to install BKAV copyright, setup anti-virus software BKAV

How to install BKAV is a lot of interest to be able to detect and remove viruses effectively. BKAV is rated as a small piece of software, can kill malware, spyware, viruses. Together refer to how to setup BKAV antivirus software below.

Currently, quite a lot of people use antivirus with BKAV because this is Vietnamese software with quite powerful anti-virus feature and is highly appreciated by the community.

Install BKAV, setup BKAV antivirus software

The following article we will guide you how to install BKAV, setup antivirus software BKAV on computers and laptops is used to protect data and prevent transmission to other computers. The same reference you offline.

Instructions to install BKAV copyright, setup anti-virus software BKAV

1. Preparation

+ File to install: Download BKAV
– Home version: Download BKAV
– Pro version: Download BKAV Pro
– Refer to the version for Android phones: Download BKAV for Android

2. Install BKAV, set up anti-virus software BKAV

Step 1: After downloading Bkav antivirus software, double-click the setup file to install. -> select Settings

Cai bkav

How to install and register to use Bkav Pro

Step 2: Click “Continue”. Note that you should remove other anti-virus software installed on your computer before installing, because on a computer you should only install 1 antivirus software and avoid conflicts.
Install bkav

Instructions for installing Bkav Pro

Step 3: Choose Agree

how to install mem bkav

How to install and register to use Bkav Pro

Step 4: Choose Continue

guide to the bkav

Instructions on how to install and register to use Bkav Pro

Step 5: BKAV automatically installs into the system

setup bkav

Instructions for installing Bkav Virus software

Step 6: The installation process was successful

Install the virus diet bkav

The main interface of BKAV Pro, in addition, you click Copyright to activate copyright if any

Install bkav, install the virus diet

Thus, the article above has detailed instructions for you to install BKAV, setup BKAV antivirus software on your computer to remove the paste software or malicious code on the computer during use. In case, you do not want to use BKAV, refer to the way remove bkav to be able to completely remove the program from the computer

In addition, you can refer and use many other antivirus software such as AVG or Avast to protect your computer data, with AVG, your computer or smart devices will be protected. The best way, avoid the perils or data accidents that you do not want

Besides, Avast is also one of the most effective 24/24 hour anti-virus software for users, Avast anti-virus software provides quite a lot of advanced virus scanning modes to protect your data safely.


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