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How to install Boilsoft Video Joiner


Boilsoft Video Joiner is a software that allows you to join individual videos into a single video with nearly every available format. would like to send you the article How to install Boilsoft Video Joiner to use this powerful software. Please follow along.

Boilsoft Video Joiner is a powerful software that helps merge individual videos into a single larger video with multiple formats such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, VOB, RM / RMVB, 3GP, ASF, WMV, WMA, MP4, MP4A, MKV or FLV. Boilsoft Video Joiner software provides you with Direct Stream mode and Encode mode to merge your videos more smoothly, and Boilsoft Video Joiner also supports joining videos of different formats with the fastest speed.

How to install boilsoft video joiner

Main features of Boilsoft Video Joiner

– Pair all types of videos into a larger video.
– Merge your favorite videos into another format like 3GP, AVI, DVD, FLV, iPod, MP3, MP4, …
– Videos in the same format and information can be stitched together 10 times faster without any loss of quality

How to install Boilsoft Video Joiner

Software information:

– Operating system: Windows all Version, Mac OS
– Copyright: software copyright
– Version: 8.01.1
– Size: 15.1 MB
– Publisher: Boilsoft System International Inc

You can download Boilsoft Video Joiner to your computer with the following link: Download Boilsoft Video Joiner

Step 1: You launch the downloaded file named boilsoft-video-joiner_8011.exe to start the Boilsoft Video Joiner installation process

Install boilsoft video joiner

Step 2: You click next to continue

Cai boilsoft video joiner

Step 3: You click on I accept the agreement to agree to the terms of use of the software. Then click next to the next step

Install boilsoft video joiner on computer

Step 4: Here, you can select the folder to install Boilsoft Video Joiner by clicking the button Browse … If you do not need to set this step, you can click directly next to continue.

Cai boilsoft video joiner for pc, laptop

Step 5: The next step is to select a folder to install the shortcut for the software, you can change this folder by clicking on Browse … Or you can directly click next if you want to by default

Download boilsoft video joiner

Step 6: At this step you can choose to add an icon on the Desktop or not by checking or unchecking Create a desktop icon. Next you click next to continue

download boilsoft video joiner

Step 7: You last checked the settings and then click Install to start installing Boilsoft Video Joiner

Set Boilsoft Video Joiner to join video

Step 8: The process of installing Boilsoft Video Joiner on the computer starts, you just need to wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

The video recorder software

Step 9: The installation process is completed, you click on Finish to finish and start the software

The software installs a video for the computer

Some pictures of Boilsoft Video Joiner software

how to install boilsoft video joiner 11

how to install boilsoft video joiner 12

how to install boilsoft video joiner 13

After successful installation Cut and merge multiple videos with Boilsoft Video Joiner here.
Above are instructions on how to install Boilsoft Video Joiner on the computer. Hopefully, through the article, you will have an additional useful option for your video pairing needs with Boilsoft Video Joiner software.



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