How to install Calligraphy font on computers and laptops

How to install Calligraphy font on computers and laptops

Installing the Calligraphy font on computers and laptops has become familiar to many people. If you want to use this impressive font, if you want to install, please see the instructions for installing the Calligraphy font below, surely this font will be very useful when you work.

The tower font is a unique font that is more stylized than the normal writing. Font allows you to imitate the calligraphy writers we’ve seen. To use this type of Font, you can install Unikey or Vietkey, 2 popular percussions that support users to write Vietnamese on many types of Font. You can read Download Unikey It’s completely free and the usage is also simpler.

How to install Calligraphy font on computers and laptops

The Calligraphy font is in VNI font so the usage is similar, In addition, the situation of Word font error is usually due to the files using this type of font, you can consult how to install VNI font on computers, laptops to overcome the above situation.

Instructions for installing Calligraphy Font on computers, laptops.

Step 1: Download the most complete Calligraphy Font here: Calligraphy Font.

In addition to the Calligraphy Font in the lesson, you can also download other Vietnamese FONTs like

FUll Font Set includes Font: Download Full Font
Unicode Font Set: Download Unicode font
Font Set VN Time: Download Font VN Time
TCVN3 Font Set: Download TCVN3 font

Step 2: After downloading, you proceed to extract and use WinRAR to extract the file.

How to install fonts on computers and laptops

Step 3: Go to the folder you just extracted, use the key combination Ctrl + A to select all Fonts you want to install then right-click Install to set calligraphy fonts.

How to install fonts on computers and laptops

Step 4: After installing Calligraphy Font, you can use programs like photoshop or word to use Calligraphy font immediately.

How to install fonts on computers and laptops

Above is how to install Calligraphy Font on computers and laptops. With the successful installation of Calligraphy Font, you have become an amateur. If you are bored with Windows Fonts, give it a try convert Windows Fonts to Mac Try it out.

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