How to install CCleaner to clean junk on the computer system

How to install CCleaner to clean junk on the computer system

If you want your computer to work well to increase productivity, CCleaner is the software that should have. The following article will guide you how to install CCleaner, use CCleaner to clean junk, remove software on your computer, and follow the steps below.

Software Ccleaner is one of the best system cleaning and optimization software on the market today. Using CCleaner, you can eliminate redundant files, duplicate files, hard drive fragments, and free up drive space as well as return the performance of your computer system.

How to install CCleaner to clean junk on the computer system

Table of Contents:
1. What are the benefits of installing CCleaner ?.
2. System requirements.
3. Instructions to install CCleaner on the computer.
4. Instructions for use CCleaner.

1. What are the benefits of installing CCleaner?

– Clean computer system, permanently delete unnecessary files.
– Increase the performance of the components in the system.
– Detect and repair errors in the Windows Registry.
– Speed ​​up Internet access by clearing Web browsing history, cookies and cache.

2. System requirements

– Install CCleaner on computers using Windows operating systems with most versions such as Windows 2K, Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32bit and 64bit).

3. Instructions on how to install CCleaner on the computer

Step 1: Download CCleaner software: Download Ccleaner
– Run the downloaded file
– A notification window appears allowing you to choose the most appropriate language to use. The utility offers 35 different languages ​​of your choice.
Click next to continue

ccleaner rule

Step 3: Before installing CCleaner on a computer system, the manufacturer will help you add icons to one of the following locations: (you can select one or all of these locations if you want).
Add Desktop Shortcut: add shortcut to the Desktop.
Add Start Menu Shortcut: place the shortcut on the Start Menu bar.
Add “Run CCleaner” option to Recycle Bin context menu: add “Run CCleaner” to the Recycle Bin Context Menu.
Add “Open CCleaner …” option to Recycle Bin context menu: add “Open CCleaner” to the Recycle Bin Context Menu.
Additionally, you can also tick “Automatically check… “so the extension automatically updates whenever a new version is available on the market.
Choose Install to install CCleaner start.

Step 4: It only takes a certain amount of time, waiting for the utility to finish loading, and you can use it.

Step 5: The installation process is finished, you can choose to tick one or both options that the manufacturer provides available: Run CCleaner to start the program immediately or View Release notes To view the release information.
Click finish to close the window.

After installation, CCleaner will have the interface as shown below.

4. Instructions for use CCleaner

The main interface includes 4 items: Cleaner, Registry, Tools, Options.
Cleaner section: Includes 2 tabs Windows and Applications
– Tab Windows: Includes cleaning functions logs files, junk files, temporary files, history, cookies, … of the Windows operating system, we want to clean the file type, then tick the item.
– Tab Applications: Includes functions to clean files logs, junk files, temporary files, history, cookies, … of applications, we want to clean the file type, then tick the item. The applications here can be: firefox, microsoft office, adobe reader, …

Registry entries: In the process of running the executable file will always cache in the Registry, this is also a part of the computer running slowly, the program will search for any cache in the registry that is no longer used to clean, we just need to select the tick What kind of files to remove. such as library type, service file type, application path, DLL files, etc.

Tools section: Includes 5 Tab
Unistall tab: Includes functionality like the add / remove program of the window, but it is only used to remove applications that have been installed on the computer, renamed or deleted parameters set in the Registry.
Startup tab: Select the applications to be started with the window, the applications will be launched when Internet explorer, firefox are turned on. Similarly we can turn off the application, or delete the application as desired.
File Finder tab: Search for duplicate files on archive hard drive. We can search by name, by capacity, by modification date, by content.
System Restore tab: Manage the versions used to restore the system.
Drive Wiper tab: Similar to windows defragmentation program.

Section Options: including 6 Tab
– Settings tab: Basic settings for CCleaner.
Cookies Tab: Select the types of cookies you want to keep on your computer, and when running Run Cleaner in CCleaner, it will not delete those selected cookies.
Include Tab: Select the file types * .tmp, * .log, …, the directory or drive you want to delete when running the program.
Exclude tab: Select the file types * .tmp, * .log, …, the folder or drive you want to delete the settings and use in the Registry when running the program.
Advanced tab: Advanced settings for CCleaner.
About Tab: See the version of CCleaner in use ..
The above article, wants to guide everyone, anyone can install CCleaner, how to use CCleaner successfully. After successful installation, you should refer to the way clean the hard drive with CCleaner to make the computer work more smoothly.

In addition to CCleaner, there are many other software that support cleaning up your computer like Wise Care 365, in which, Wise Care 365 software gives users the best features and processing speed of the program to make you satisfied. .


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