How to install CyberLink Youcam, software for recording videos and taking photos with Webcam

How to install CyberLink Youcam, software for recording videos and taking photos with Webcam

Downloading and installing CyberLink Youcam allows you to record videos, take photos with Webcam without any quality loss. Along install CyberLink Youcam with the steps below and use to get the best videos and photos.

CyberLink Youcam is a utility that supports screen recording and taking photos directly on laptops with many different effects for you to choose to apply to the videos and images that you have just created. This utility is used on common chat software such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype or AOL Instant Messenger.

How to install CyberLink Youcam, software for recording videos and taking photos with Webcam

If in the process of using you encounter errors backwards, pictures, then you see the fix Reverse text error when taking photos with CyberLink Youcam Please.

Download CyberLink Youcam and use, what will users get?

– Installing CyberLink Youcam on laptops makes your conversations with others through chat facilities more interesting than having to chat by typing text. Send videos with effects on the video to make the conversation more interesting
– Record video and capture interesting images anytime.
– Support multiple photographic and video effects, distinguished by sensory states.
– Easily edit Videos after creation.

System requirements of the computer

– Download CyberLink Youcam and install it on laptops using Windows operating system, the most popular are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
– Laptops use RAM 512MB (preferably 1GB), use Intel VGA graphics card 945.

Instructions for installing CyberLink Youcam

Step 1: Program setting

If you do not have the installation file, download the software here: CyberLink Youcam (You can download the version of CyberLink Youcam 5 or the version of CyberLink Youcam 6, here, will guide the installation with the version of CyberLink Youcam 6, the latest version)

After downloading the file, the file has the format as shown below, you click on the download file to start the installation process of CyberLink Youcam

rule CyberLink Youcam

Step 2: Select your language and select OK

install CyberLink Youcam

Step 3: Select Yes.

How to install CyberLink Youcam

Step 4: Choose to try to install, then select Install

Install CyberLink Youcam on your laptop

Step 5: The installation process takes place, you wait a few minutes, the installation time takes place quickly or long depending on the configuration of your computer.

Install CyberLink Youcam on windows

Step 6: Finally, click Close to complete the installation process. (You can uncheck the Launh Youcam line)

video recording screen by cyberlink youcam

Once completed, the CyberLink Youcam interface is as follows

CyberLink Youcam user guide

After installing CyberLink Youcam, launch the program, the interface of the software as shown below.
– No.1: This is the shooting function of CyberLink Youcam, click on the camera icon to launch this function
– Position 2: This is the video function of CyberLink Youcam, Click on the video camera icon to launch this function
– Position 3: These are the effects of CyberLink Youcam, you can choose your favorite effects to put in images, or videos when you use them.

cyberlink youcam 6

With CyberLinkYoucam you can record videos or take pictures of yourself or you can also use CyberLinkYoucam to share those images.

It is not wrong to say that this is one of the software that you really should install on your laptop, all are completely free so you are still afraid to try and download this software to your computer to see. Is this software really useful?

Also similar to Cyberlink Youcam, WebCamMax is also one of the software that supports video recording, screen capture video with many unique effects. You can download WebCamMax and enjoy the useful features of the software.
This article has shown you how to use and install CyberLink Youcam. But if you’ve finished filming and you still do not know how to get the videos or images manipulated, the article Get videos after recording with CyberLink Youcam will help you do that


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