How to install Easy GIF Animator to create Gif animations

Easy GIF Animator used to create Gif animation is very professional and easy to use. With the following article, we will guide you how to install this software on your computer, from which can create a lot of beautiful animations.

To be able to create GIF animation, you need to download Photoshop or Beneton Movie GIF to your computer and then install these applications to get beautiful animations. In the previous article we have introduced to you how Create animations with Beneton Movie GIF and article way Create animations in Photoshop. With this article we introduce to you one more GIF animation software, Easy GIF Animator, please refer to the following settings.

How to install Easy GIF Animator to create animations

Download the latest version of the software: Download Easy GIF Animator

Step 1: Click to select the language and then select Ok, with Easy GIF Animator, there is no Vietnamese interface so you choose English to install,
Easy GIF Animator installation
Step 2: Click Next to continue
Install Easy GIF Animator on laptop
Step 3: Click Next to continue
Install Easy GIF Animator on the computer
Step 4: By default, the program will be installed on your C drive, if you want to change it, you can click the Browse button, then click Next to continue.

Step 5: Click Next to continue

Step 6: Click on Next

Step 7: Click Install to begin the installation process

Step 8: After installation, click Finish to finish.
So with detailed step-by-step instructions, you already have a GIF animation program on your computer like other animation software, from which you can use them most effectively. As mentioned above, in addition to using this software, you have other free options that are Beneton Movie GIF, Photoshop, or GIMP software. However, Beneton Movie GIF is free software and very easy to use, you can download Beneton Movie GIF to your computer to experience.


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