How to install Flash Player, setup Adobe Flash Player on computers and laptops

How to install Flash Player, setup Adobe Flash Player on computers and laptops

You want to play games or watch movies but the browser requires you to install Adobe Flash Player. This article will guide you how to install Flash Player on your computer so you can watch movies or play games on your computer and laptop more easily. Let perform offline.

Although it is slowly losing ground to HTML5, Adobe Flash Player is still a popular and necessary multimedia creator. With powerful compression technology, you can watch movies with high quality and strong loading speed without fear of buffering, cross-platform support. There are still a lot of products on the Internet that use Adobe Flash Player so you also need Install Flash Player for your computer If you want to use the entertainment features that the internet gives you.

How to install Flash Player, setup Adobe Flash Player on computers and laptops


If you use Google Chrome browser, you do not need to install Fash Player because Google Chrome browser is always integrated with the latest Adobe Flash Player. The suitable browsers to install Flash Player are Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, …

Step 1: Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows here: Download Flash Player

Step 2: Go to the directory where the Adobe Flash Player file has been downloaded, right-click or double-click the program to begin installing the flash player for your computer.

How to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer

Step 3: On the Flash Player installer for your computer, check the box before the terms I have read and agree to the terms of the Flash Player License Agreement. Then choose Install to start the Adobe Flash Player installation process.

Install Flash Player on laptop

Step 4: (This installation step may, may not, only appear when you have a web browser open.) If you do not close the browser when you install Adobe Flash Player, the program will report an error and you need to close those browsers. mentioned in the notice board can continue to install Flash Player.

Install Adobe Flash Player on the computer

Step 5: The installation of Adobe Flash Player will take place automatically, after installing Adobe flash, you can tick one of the options:

– Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended): Allows automatic installation of Adobe Flash Player when a new version is available
– Notify me to install updates: Notice when a new version of Adobe Flash Player is installed
– Never check for updates (not recommended): Never check for updates

Then choose Done to completely install Flash Player for your computer

Set Flash Player to watch movies

After installing Flash Player for your computer, you can go to music sharing sites like or nhaccuatui to enjoy high quality music or watch movies online with sharp images with Adobe Flash Player. In general, installing the flash player is quite simple, but you must pay attention to choose the appropriate version and compatible with your browser. You should regularly update the new version for Adobe Flash Player to avoid errors such as outdated Adobe or Shockware Flash errors … of which outdated Adobe is the most common error, when not encountered these errors. , your computer will work smoothly when watching movies, playing online games.

As mentioned, Shockware Flash is also common when users install 2 versions of Adobe Flash Player on the same computer, to fix Shockware Flash error is also very simple, please refer to the article fix Shockware Flash error, Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome that has shared.
During use, maybe Adobe Flash Player will generate errors such as broken Adobe Flash Player that makes you unable to watch movies on some websites or when you use social networks but cannot watch videos please refer to the article How to write Tumblr that can’t play videos and can’t watch videos? to fix the error of not watching videos on Tumblr social network.


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