How to install Font UTM, install UTM font for your computer

Together refer to how to install Font UTM in the following article with very detailed instructions. Through the installation of this Font UTM, you can easily use many different fonts to work more effectively such as handwriting, stroke, decoration …

Font UTM, also known as Font Unicode Thien Minh, is the most complete and most widely used Vietnamese font set. Install Font UTM will help you can easily choose beautiful, strange and unique font templates for your personal needs such as chatting, chatting on Zalo, Skype, Viber, …. or working on design software such as Photoshop, …. Installing UTM fonts is very simple with just a few taps.

How to install Font UTM, install UTM font for your computer

The font settings on the computer for each type of font are completely the same, the steps to install UTM font below, you can apply to every type of font you need to install and use for different purposes. mine.

Key features of Font UTM

– Beautiful font for computers
– Compatible with Vietnamese typing software like unikey or vietkey
– Compatible with software such as Zalo, Skype, … or specialized software such as Photoshop, Office, …
– Includes many beautiful and unique fonts
– Simple installation


System requirements:

– Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
– Size: 4.45 MB
– Copyright: Free

You can download Font UTM to your computer at the following link: Font UTM

Step 1: After downloading Font UTM, right-click on it zip file and choose Exact Here to extract it

How to set the utm font on a computer

Step 2: You open the folder just unzipping it will see all the Font UTM in it

Install font utm

Step 3: You highlight all the fonts in the directory (can use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + A) then right click and select Install to install this UTM font

Download the utm font

Step 4: A message may appear, the system will ask you if the font is available, want to install instead. Please check Do this for all current items to not be repeated this message then click Yes to install instead

Download utm font

Step 5: You can apply the above method to other notices like the one below asking if there is a file that cannot be installed, check the box. Dont show for remaining items Click Close to close

Vietnamese font font utm

Step 6: The installation is successful when the installation window disappears, the UTM font will be installed into the folder C: Windows Fonts. You can go to this directory to check the UTM Font has been installed

Above is instructions how Install Font UTM. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more beautiful and unique font options for you with Vietnamese Font UTM full. If you have any questions during the installation process, don’t comment below, technical team will support you.
Font Vntime is a font that many people use today, how to install Vntime font is relatively simple, after downloading VNtime font on Taimienphi, you can install VNtime font by following the steps of installing UTM font above.


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