How to install Foxit PDF Editor

How to install Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is the most professional and excellent PDF file processing and editing software, the following article will guide you how to install Foxit PDF Editor which will definitely help you a lot in handling PDF files. . Please follow along.

Although users can find a lot of convenient online PDF editing tools today, using Foxit PDF Editor still feels strong, safe and accurate. Foxit PDF Editor provides users with a lot of tools, powerful features to handle and edit PDF files, one of the file types identified as the most difficult to edit. Powerful, full-featured, but Foxit PDF Editor is easy to install, easy to use and also very light. Please follow the article below to understand how to install Foxit PDF Editor.

How to install Foxit PDF Editor

Main features of Foxit PDF Editor

– View and create PDF files
– View PDF files in detail, the most complete
– Add new, delete existing pages
– Change font, color, edit, delete, insert text, new characters into the text.
– Zoom in, zoom out the text page
– Insert image from bitmap file.
– Change other image properties for object illustration.
– Undo the jobs that have been edited
– Can perform copying operations to other Microsoft text applications.


Software information

– Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
– Version:
– Size: 23.3 MB
– Support files: PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, PPT, BMP, JPG, TIFF + more
– Copyright: Trial Version

You can download Foxit PDF Editor by following the link: Download Foxit PDF Editor

Step 1: You send the file dynamically foxit-pdf-editor_3050.exe just downloaded above to start the Foxit PDF Editor installation process

Install foxit pdf editor

Step 2: Installation window appears, click next to continue

Foxit pdf editor

Step 3: Please check I accept agreement then click on next to continue

Download foxit pdf editor

Step 4: Here, normally the installation directory of Foxit PDF Editor will be the Program Files folder, but you can select the directory to install Foxit PDF Editor by clicking the button. Browse … If you don’t want to change then click next to continue

Download foxit pdf editor

Step 5: In the next section, you will be asked to create a folder containing shortcuts for the software. The default folder will be the StartMenu folder, if you want to change then click Browse … If not, click next next.

how to install foxit pdf editor on your computer

Step 6: Select additional installation tasks for the software

Create a desktop icon: Create a shortcut to open the software on the desktop
Create a Quick Launch icon: Create a shortcut on the Quick Bar
Asociate Foxit Advanced PDF Editor with the .pdf file extension: Link Foxit Advanced PDF Editor to the extended pdf files
Periodically check for software updates: Regularly check for software updates
Install Foxit Editor PDF Printer: Install Foxit Editor PDF Printer

If you do not want to install any part, you can uncheck or add a checkmark next

Install the pdf editor

Step 7: Confirm the information before installing Foxit PDF Editor

Please confirm the settings one last time, then click Install To start installing Foxit PDF Editor

install pdf version on computer

Step 8: The installation process begins, it will take a few seconds to complete.

guide to foxit pdf editor

Step 9: Installation completed, please click finish to finish

Install pdf editor for pc

Some software images:
Hopefully, through the article how to install Foxit PDF Editor, you can easily install Foxit PDF Editor for your computer to be more convenient for handling and editing PDF files as well as other file types that the software support. In addition, you can also refer to Foxit Reader, one of the software that supports viewing PDF files on the computer effectively, Foxit Reader is integrated with advanced tools to bring the most professional when you View PDF content on windows.


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