How to install Furmark

How to install Furmark

Furmark is not really a software to check computer configuration, it is more related to the performance of VGA, CPU on the computer. Try installing Furmark and check how well your VGA and CPU are handling the Furmark emulated system.

Furmark is the essential software for those who really want to know how much your CPU and GPU performance is and how it can work. For those who are concerned about computer problems, installing Furmark is a great solution.

But that does not mean that you can only test performance when installing Furmark, but this software also includes testing your computer configuration. Of course, the feature of checking computer configuration of Furmark is not intensive but it is enough parameters so that you do not need to install a third software such as CPU Z …

Salient features of Furmark

– Check the stability of the video card
– Simulate situations of CPU, video card
– Check the CPU cooling system
– Configure some parameters of the computer

Configuration requires Furmark

As a performance testing software as well as the hypothetical situations of the CPU and GPU, when installing Furmark, you can rest assured that this software supports all configurations as well as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Minimum CPU: Celeron series and above.
HDD: small software 6.7 MB, minimum memory of 1 GB
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Instructions for installing Furmark

Step 1: First you need to download Furmarkgo west and then proceed to install Furmark.

Step 2: When the interface appears, click I Accept to agree and then click Next.

how to furmark

Step 3: Next you choose the path for Furmark, but if you prefer the default Furmark setting, just click next is enough.

Furmark on PC

Step 4: The next part is to display the above list Start Menu, this is the part that makes it easier to find Furmark but it doesn’t really matter and just press next.

Furmark for computer

Step 5: By this step allows you to create icons on the desktop or quick access on the Taskbar with Quick icon.

Install furmark on laptop

Step 6: Finally you hit Install to install Furmark after the setup is complete.

how to install mem furmark

Step 7: The software will continue to ask you to read some more information, but if you feel it is not necessary, just press next.

furmark setup

Step 8: Finally press finish to finish the Furmark installation process and let’s try Furmark together.

how to set up furmark

Furmark has a basic interface and focuses on how to test CPU and GPU as well as simulate situations.

cai furmark see cpu information

To have the test results on Furmark, users must completely let the machine do nothing other than Furmark.

how to set up furmark
With the installation of Furmark you can completely try your CPU, GPU, but be aware that this should be limited as it will heat up the above devices. And if more interested readers can also refer to the software check your computer hardware to learn more about your computer.


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