How to install Internet Download Manager to download files on the computer

How to install Internet Download Manager to download files on the computer

Download and install idm allows you to download files of any format easily and quickly. Especially, when you accelerate IDM, the ability to download videos on the website, Youtube will be better. Invite you to consult how to install IDM below.

IDM is the most used download software today, not only for downloading EXE and ISO files up to dozens of GB, but IDM also helps you download Youtube and Facebook videos to your computer as well as automatically start downloading links. of dozens of popular formats today.

Instruction for installing IDM, the software supports high-speed file downloading

To use IDM, make sure you need to install IDM on your computer, the following content will guide you how to install IDM.
System requirements: Computers using Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/8 / 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems

Table of Contents:
1. Instructions for installing IDM.
2. Instructions for using IDM.

How to install Internet Download Manager to download files on the computer

1. Instructions for installing IDM

Installing Internet Download Manager is not that difficult, but only really difficult for those who are new to computers. Therefore, to use this utility, before having to perform the following installation steps:

Step 1: First, open the installation file.
If your computer does not have a software installation, you can download the latest version of IDM to use. download IDM

Click on the file IDM.exe, an initial message window to install Internet Download Manager, select Next.

idm settings

Step 2: Continue to choose next, this step only confirms that you agree to the terms necessary to install Internet Download Manager.

how to set idm

Step 3: The utility requires that you save the settings in a default directory, saved on the drive C: , or click Browse Select the desired directory to place the installation file.

how to set idm 6.23

Continue to choose next.
Step 4: The remaining steps, you just click next, the utility will help you install Internet Download Manager.

install idm 6.23

Finally, just choose finish is finished the installation.

Install Internet Download Manager

Done with installing Internet Download Manager software. And this is the software interface when the installation is completed.

Internet Download Manager

– IDM is supported by the publisher for free use for the first 30 days after installation, after 30 days, you must buy the license to be able to use to download the file.
2. Instructions for using IDM to download Video

Step 1: Open the Video you need to download in Firefox, Google Chrome or IE. Then click on the IDM icon on Video, choose the quality and format of the video you want to download.

how to set idm

Step 2: Select the folder containing the downloaded video file by clicking Then choose Start Download Let the download process begin. Sit back and enjoy watching Offline videos whenever you like. The download process depends on the size of the file and your network speed.

using idm

With quite specific installation steps that has guided you on, installing Internet Download Manager software is no longer a problem for you. Use IDM to simplify the task of downloading files to your computer in the fastest and most effective way.

When using IDM to download data, if you feel that the download speed of IDM is still slow, try using IDM accelerator to accelerate the download speed of IDM, there are many ways to increase the download speed of IDM up many times over the original speed.

After installing IDM, you may not see IDM automatically start downloading links on YouTube or Facebook or download links automatically on music sharing websites, now you need to Fix IDM not automatically start the link download the video and audio that guided in previous articles, the fix is ​​very simple, you just need to enable the add-on on the browser, IDM CC, and activate the browser in IDM’s settings.

One of the latest download support software is called Ant Download Manager, at first glance, this software has a similar interface to IDM, but only in Beta so many features can not be equal to IDM, if You want to experience Ant Download Manager, please install Ant Download Manager on your computer system


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