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How to install IObit Uninstaller, software to remove applications on the computer


IObit Uninstaller supports cleaning and removing software on the computer, please select, this software will completely remove the applications, in addition to find leftover junk files and delete them, the content below This will guide you how to install IObit Uninstaller.

Your computer often installs various applications, even some that are rarely used. These applications not only take up space but also slow down your computer. Installing IObit Uninstaller will be the leading solution in removing stubborn software on the computer. Moreover IObit Uninstaller also eradicates, deletes the junk files left behind after deletion of the software.

how to install iobit uninstaller

Key features of IObit Uninstaller

– Remove software from your computer, delete leftover junk files
– Easy to use
– Clean, speed up the computer
– Safe and fast

How to install IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller software information

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
License: Free
Capacity: 12.3 MB
– Version
– Release: IObit

Step 1: Download IObit Uninstaller to your computer by following the link Download IObit Uninstaller

Step 2: After downloading IObit Uninstaller to your computer, you will get a file called iobit-uninstaller_72011.exe. You start this file to start the IObit Uninstaller installation process

Install iobit uninstaller

Step 3: You click on Custom Install to adjust the settings before installing. In case you want to install by default, you can click directly on Install

Install iobit uninstaller

Step 4: You can change the installation location of IObit Uninstaller instead of the default location is Program Files by clicking on Browse …. There is also the option of installing a shortcut icon for software on the desktop by unchecking Create a desktop icon. Finally click Install to continue.

how to install iobit uninstaller

Step 5: Here you will be invited to use another software called Dashlane with personal password management function. If you agree to install, select Yes, I agree to install Dashlane and accept its EULA and Privacy PolicyIf you disagree then choose No thanks. Here, will choose No thanks. Click next to continue

installing iobit uninstaller on pc

Step 6: Right after clicking next, IObit Uninstaller will be installed on your computer, wait for a few moments for the software to complete the installation

cai iobit uninstaller for computers

Step 7: Finally, you can skip Subcribe and get software information from IObit by clicking No thanks

installing iobit uninstaller on pc

Step 8: So the installation is complete, you can wait for a few seconds for the system to automatically start or click directly on finish so the software immediately starts up

setup iobit uninstaller

Some pictures of IObit Uninstaller

how to install iobit uninstaller

installing iobit uninstaller on laptop

setup iobit uninstaller
Above is the instructions on how to install IObit Uninstaller on the computer. Make sure that from now on your computer will always be cleaned absolutely, the performance will be significantly improved. After successful installation, you refer to the way use IObit Uninstaller Here to be able to work best with this software.



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