How to install iTunes on Windows 10, 7, and 8.1 computers

How to install iTunes on Windows 10, 7, and 8.1 computers

Installing itunes on Windows 10, 7, and 8.1 computers is mandatory for iPad and iPhone users to easily copy music to their smartphones. To install iTunes easily and quickly, you should refer to the following instructions.

The latest version is currently iTunes 12.7.4 was launched to improve security for iPhone users. iTunes 12.7.4 inherited technology 2-CLASS AUTHENTICATION It also supports installing iOS for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The following article will guide you how to install iTunes 12.7.4

Install iTunes on computers and laptops

First, you need to have the iTunes installation file, you download it iTunes about computers

How to install iTunes, setup iTunes 12.7.4 Build 80 32bit

Step 1: After downloading, run the installation file, in the window that appears, click next to continue

install itunes for computer

Step 2: Here you can choose the Setup before installing iTunes including:

– Add iTunes shortcut to my desktop: Choose to create a quick link on the screen

– Use iTunes as the default player for audio files: Use iTunes as the default music player

– Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software: Automatically update iTunes and Apple software

– Default iTunes language: Choose the main language, support Vietnamese

– Destination Folder: Select the iTunes installation directory

After you have set the desired way you click Install to install iTunes

set up tunes for the computer

Step 3: The iTunes installation process begins, you wait for a moment to complete

how to install itunes for a computer

Step 4: Choose finish to finish installing iTunes

How to install iTunes on your computer

– Interface of iTune 12.7.4 Build 80 32bit

install itunes for computer

How to install the lower version of iTunes is iTunes 12.3

Step 1: After downloading, run the * .exe file to install iTunes -> select next

how to install itunes

Step 2: Here, you can choose your language (Vietnamese or English) ->Select the folder to save iTunes -> Select Setting to install iTunes on computers and laptops

How to install iTunes version thap

Step 3: You Wait for a few seconds for iTunes to install to your computer

iTunes installation is free

Step 4: Choose End

quit iTunes

Step 5: Choose Agree to finish installing iTunes

how to install itunes on computer, laptop, pc

App Store interface after installing iTunes successfully

install itunes on computer

So, with a simple way to install iTunes, you can use the iTunes software in your computer. Overall, iTunes is a powerful tool in creating a connection between iPhone and computer and iPhone users today Copy music to iPhone using iTunes, as well as many other great, compelling videos that can’t be downloaded on iPhone.

System requirements for installing iTunes on PCs and Laptops:

To install this iTunes program, your computer, laptop must use Windows or Mac Osx operating system.

iTunes is a multifunctional management program. By installing this program, you can listen to music, play games, even watch movies. In addition, iTunes is also a tool to assist users in transferring data from the Apple app store and iPhone, iPod, iPad. You should use the latest version of iTunes or you can use versions like iTunes, iTunes, iTunes …, because of the high stability of the program.

After installing iTunes, you absolutely can Copy music from computer to iPhone using iTunes and many other data such as photos, videos … create ringtones as well as set ringtones on iPhone phones

In addition, you are also easy Copy photos from iPhone to computer to store images and data better and also avoid causing memory overflow on my iPhone

Besides, to replace the default ringtones in iPhone, you should also Create ringtones with iTunes to make lots of unique ringtones for your computer


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