How to install Mic Karaoke, to record, talk on computers, laptops

How to install Mic Karaoke, to record, talk on computers, laptops

Installing mic helps you sing Karaoke, record voice and chat on computer easier. If you are trying to install Microphone, please refer to the following article as necessary.

Not everyone is eligible to go to karaoke bars every week, because besides time, money is another consideration. However, just a computer running Windows and a microphone with some simple microphone installation steps, you can sing karaoke at home.
– Refer to how to install Micro to talk on the computer through each step below.

Main computer usually supports Micro 3.5mm, you should use Micro with 3.5mm plug instead of other types of Micro connector such as USB, Adapter because connecting these types will usually not bring the best quality.

How to install Mic with a computer

Guide to install Mic with computer win 10, 7

Step 1: First, connect the device with the 3.5mm microphone jack to your computer (headphone, external microphone, …) as shown below. With the pink microphone jack plugged into the pink port, the green audio jack plugged into the green port. You should connect the recording device using 3.5mm jack to be able to set up the microphone and sing on the computer with the best quality.

microphone settings

Step 2: Right-click the speaker icon under the system tray, select Recording devices


Step 3: On the window Sound, at the Recording tab right click into the space and check the two options Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices If you do not see your recording device. Later double click Click the microphone device icon to set the microphone


Step 4: At the tab GeneralYou can change the microphone icon, change the microphone name if you use multiple microphones at once for easy distinction.

Set the microphone to talk

Step 5: At tab Levels, you can set the microphone to have a loud / small audio quality by drag the slider in section Microphone and Microphone Boost will help you increase the maximum volume limit of the microphone. Then click OK to complete the changes

set a computer to win 10

Step 6: Return to tab Recording, try blowing on your microphone slightly, the green signal bar indicates whether the microphone signal quality is good or bad.

lap microphone

You can use the feature Speech Recognition built-in system makes it easier for Windows to recognize sound if you feel your signal is not really good when tested at Step 6

Step 7: Access Control Panel Through the Start Menu, navigate to Speech Recognition.

set the microphone on the computer

Step 8: Choose Set up microphone To set the identification, set the microphone according to the instructions

Install the microphone on the computer

Step 9: Here you choose to install the mic according to the device connected to your computer:

Headset Microphone : Micphone is built-in, inside the headset

Desktop Microphone : Microphone for recording is placed on the table

Microphone : Normal microphone that we often connect to karaoke to sing

After selecting the appropriate device, click next.

set the microphone on the laptop

Step 10: As shown in the image select microphone settings available on the headset, the window will guide you

Place the microphone about 1 inch (2.54cm) from your mouth to one side

Do not breathe too hard, directly into the microphone

Make sure you are not muting

Then keep clicking next.

laptop microphone

Step 11: Read aloud, clearly, the English sentence highlighted in the picture to receive, process and install your mic accordingly, then click Next.

set up a microphone for pc

Step 12: The system will notify that the mic installation is complete, press Finish to complete the process.

set the microphone on the computer

That’s how to install a microphone to sing karaoke on the computer. If you love to sing, refer to the top 3 best free karaoke software to enter your free time, you just need to turn on the Karaoke software This is only the talent for his singing
Besides, if you want to create your own karaoke videos, you can make karaoke music directly on your computer, to make karaoke music, video karaoke requires you to be persistent because it takes a lot of time.


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