How to install MP3 Cut, software for cutting mp3 files

How to install MP3 Cut, software for cutting mp3 files

You want to cut, split your favorite mp3 files to make unique ringtones and ringback tones to your liking. MP3 Cut will be a great choice for you .. The following article will guide you how to install MP3 Cut on your computer. Please refer.

MP3 Cut is a free software with the function of cutting music, split large mp3 music files into small pieces to help you create ringtones and ringback tones as you like. MP3 Cut provides users with a full range of powerful music cutting features including drag, drop, search and add, and helps users manage music files easily. We will together learn how to install MP3 Cut through the article below.

Key features of MP3 Cut

– Cut and split mp3 file
– Music management
– Support to save music files in other formats
– Edit music files

How to install MP3 Cut

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows versions

– At least 4.8 MB free hard disk

You can download MP3 Cut to your computer using the link below:

– Download MP3 Cut

Step 1: After downloading the MP3 to your computer, launch the installation file

how to install mp3 cut 2

Step 2: MP3 Cut supports quite few languages ​​and does not support Vietnamese language. This article will choose the language English to install MP3 Cut. Click Ok, got it to continue

how to install mp3 cut 3

Step 3: Wait a moment for the system to prepare for the installation. Then click next to continue

how to install mp3 cut 4

Step 4: At this step, you will be referred to the terms of use of MP3 Cut software. You choose I accept the agreement then click next to continue

how to install mp3 cut 5

Step 5: By default, MP3 Cut will be installed into the folder Program Files MP3 Cut. You can change the installation directory by clicking on Browse … Finally click next to move to the next step

how to install mp3 cut 6

Step 6: Just like above, you can change the installation folder of a quick launch icon on the Start Menu bar by clicking Browse. In addition, you will have the right to choose whether to install this quick launch icon by checking or unchecking it Dont create a Start Menu folder. Our advice is not to install too many quick launch icons on the Start Menu because it can make your Windows start up slower. Finally click next.

how to install mp3 cut 7

Step 7: Here, you will be asked if you want to install a quick launch icon on the Desktop. If you do not want, you can uncheck the box Create a Desktop icon. Finally click next.

installing mp3 cut 8

Step 8: For additional settings, the system asks you if you want to install another software called RelavantKnowledge. If there is no need you tick Decline and choose next to continue

installing mp3 cut 9

Step 9: Check the last settings and click Install to start installing Mp3 Cut

how to install mp3 cut 10

Step 10: The system will automatically install the software, you only need to wait for a few seconds for the software to be installed. Finally click finish to end the installation and start MP3 Cut

installing mp3 cut 11

Some pictures of MP3 Cut software

installing mp3 cut 12

installing mp3 cut 13

how to install mp3 cut 14
Above is the instruction on how to install MP3 Cut. Hopefully, through the above article, you will have more yourself a selection of music cutting software to make ringtones, free ringing tones are Mp3 Cut. Good luck.


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