How to install Netcut

Are you having trouble with your network due to unwanted computers and devices that cause slow internet connection? Don’t worry, Netcut will help you solve those troubles for you, and go learn how to install Netcut through the article below.

Netcut is a software that manages Internet connections for computers on the same LAN. Thanks to Netcut, you will directly know if there are people on your network and can directly block and allow those people to continue using your Internet. Netcut software is widely used for office LANs, schools, … or for individuals. The following article will guide you How to install Netcut help you manage your Internet better.

Key features of Netcut

– Scan and detect illegal Internet access
– Connect and disconnect any device on the LAN
– Detect unauthorized connections to Wifi networks
– Increase network access speed
– Schedule network access for connections


System requirements:

Operating system: Windows versions, Android
License: Free
Capacity: 3.01 MB
Version: 3.0.50
Language: English

You can download Netcut to your computer via the link: Download Netcut

Step 1: You download Netcut follow the link above
Step 2: Run the newly downloaded Netcut installation file


Step 3: Here, you will be selected where to install Netcut, by default Netcut will be installed into the folder Program Files in drive C. If you want to change, please click Browse … After setup is complete, click on next to continue

install netcut software

iStep 4: Next, you will be asked where you want to set the shortcut to open the software. The default will be to be in the directory StartMenu, if you want to change can click on Browse … Press next to continue


Step 5: The system reconfirms the installation information. Click Install to start the installation process

download netcut

Step 6: The Netcut installation process is very fast, you will not have to wait for this Netcut installation process. If you want to cancel the Netcut installation process, you can click on Cancel

netcut for computer

Step 7: After the installation process finishes, another software introduction panel will appear, which you can click Cancel if you don’t want to install this software

guide to install netcut for pc and laptop

Step 8: Click Yes to continue

Settings netcut

Step 9: You to choose Yes, restart the computer now then click on finish to complete the Netcut installation

netcut switch for laptop

Above is the instruction on how to install Netcut. Hopefully, in this article, you will learn more about a software that helps manage your Internet to prevent unauthorized access, leading to a decrease in your network speed. If you have any questions during the installation process, don’t hesitate to comment below, the technical team of will assist you.
In many cases, the user is disconnected without understanding why, while other computers still have the network, normal internet access, it is likely that you have been using Netcut to revolutionize your internet, refer to examine immediately Anti-cut network with Netcut that we have provided offline.


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