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How to install Office 2016 on Microsoft’s latest computers and laptops


Currently, Office 2016 has reached the hands of users, you can refer to how to install Office 2016 on this latest Microsoft computer and laptop to use, experience more superior features than previous versions. .

Job install Office 2016 Up on the computer, the laptop is simple and easy. Office 2016 version is optimized so that users can use Office 2016 installation easily. In addition, the interface of Office 2016 is also optimized and there are many other software you can explore.

office 2016 latest

How to install Office 2016 on Microsoft’s latest computers and laptops

With the basic functions not much different from the old versions of office 2013 or office 2010, but the special thing in this version of Office 2016 installation is that it supports Vietnamese and is installed online (Online) to ensure the copyright of the product. Let’s experience it with us later.

Instructions for installing and testing the latest version of Office 2016 from Microsoft

Your computer must be connected to the Internet

Download the installation of Office 2016. Download: Office 2016
Step 1: After downloading the computer, run the file OfficePreview.exe
Step 2: Click Ok, got it to continue

tai office 2016

Step 3: Click Configure Office Setup to set the required parameters

word 2016 new

Step 4: Select version (32bit or 64bit), especially with Vietnamese language support. Then you Click Install Now to install Office 2016.

excel 2016 latest
Step 5: The installation process will take a certain amount of time. And the batch came to an end.
download office 2016 latest

Here are some pictures of Office 2016 versions after a successful installation

Microsoft Word:
Office rental 2016
Microsoft Excel
Office 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft
Microsoft PowerPoint
powerpoint 2016
And OneNote
onenote 2016
So with the above instructions you can experience the latest version of office 2016 install microsoft office 2016. In this version, the business support function is enhanced like Lync and Skype. However, this is only a trial version, not an official version, so it will not avoid errors when used.
Moreover, the installation of Skype with Office 2016 is optimized on Windows 10, both Microsoft products are highly appreciated on Windows 10, especially the stability when install Skype and use and the ability to keep updating from this software vendor.



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