How to install Open Broadcaster OBS to record screen videos

How to install Open Broadcaster OBS will be shared below by so you can use this tool to record video easily and quickly. Invite you to refer.

Open Broadcaster, also known as OBS, is not too strange for gamers, this is the software used by esports such as AOE, League of Legends to use to record videos. live match

If you have been able to choose one of the Top 10 highly rated video game recording software, however, these software are quite basic so you can only shoot, not do a good job streaming Facebook or Youtube, to stream Facebook, Open Broadcaster OBS is the software to do all that, follow the steps to download and install the program on your computer.

How to install Open Broadcaster OBS to record screen videos

Step 1: Download the OBS software here:

After downloading to the device, click the file OBS.exe to install. Press next, usually OBS will force you to install Directx, even if you are using a version higher than 9.0c. Press Yes To go to Microsoft’s DirectX page and install the latest version of DirectX.

Step 2: Accept the terms of the software and press I Agrre to agree.

Install open broadcaster

Step 3: Select the location to store the installation file of Open Broadcaster on the computer. Then click Next to move to the next step.

Cai open broadcaster

Step 4: Choose to install additional plugins for Open Broadcaster software. Click Install to start installing Open Broadcaster on the computer.

Guide to install mem open broadcaster

How to install mem open broadcaster

Wait for a while to install Open Broadcaster successfully.

Step 5: Click finish to finish installing Open Broadcaster on your computer.

install mem open broadcaster

This is the interface of the program after installing Open Broadcaster successfully.

How to install mem open broadcaster
Installing Open Broadcaster is quite simple, right. Please follow the next posts of to know how to use OBS. In addition, if you only record video and use Offline, then in addition to Open Broadcaster you can also use other ways of recording videos on other computers that are quite simple and simple, including Xsplit software, proceed. Compare OBS and Xsplit to choose for themselves the best software to make live video streaming on Facebook better and better.


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