How to install Opera on a computer

How to install Opera on a computer

Installing Opera on your computer gives you a choice to surf the web, listen to music, watch movies, with your continuous improvement, Opera browser shows more and more its development compared to Other browsers like Chrome, Firefox

Opera is very popular, but it is actually famous on the phone before with the Opera mini version, and the desktop version also has a lot of restrictions when used, although it has recently regained the trust of customers. series of new and changed features for users to install Opera on computers and use.

And if you are using Opera but not the latest, check yourself the version of Opera used because Opera in the new version has many features that make you have to make this browser the default in msay count. . In addition, Opera always encourages users to check the version of Opera they are using so that they can get the latest updated versions from the company, but before you can update, please install Opera on your computer first. .

Instructions for Installing Opera on a computer

Step 1: To be able to Install Opera on your computer, download it Opera The latest version at, we always update the latest version, the download speed is fast and safe.

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Step 2: After completing the download of Opera, we proceed to Install Opera on the computer by double clicking on the software and then an installation panel appears and select continue Accept and Install .

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You only have to wait for less than 5 seconds to complete the installation process.

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Step 3: And after the installation is complete, there will be a welcome message board with outstanding features such as ad blocking, battery saving, conversion unit, stock themes or video in the form of output introduced to the user to know and use. .

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At this point, we have completed the process of Installing Opera on the computer already, all work to use and explore the features available on Opera please leave it to the readers and if there is anything difficult If there is any problem, please leave a message in this article, we will reply you as soon as possible.
In addition to Opera users, the most important thing is not to know how many features to be able to use and familiarize, but instead you need to know all the Opera shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts that help We quickly access features and support when surfing the web. Therefore, to be able to use Opera more easily after Installing Opera on your computer, the first thing you need to do is to learn Opera shortcuts to be able to shorten the operating time on this browser,


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