How to install Origin, use Origin to download online games on the computer

In this article, will guide Origin on your computer so you can install and use Origin to download online games on your computer easily. After you install the instructions, you also need to register an account on Origin.

How to install Origin is not too difficult for users, installing Origin is as simple as other software and then you can use Origin to download online games to your computer.

How to install Origin, use Origin to download online games on the computer

How to install Origin, use Origin to download online games

Step 1: You need to download Origin to your computer, download Origin here and follow the image instructions below to download

Install origin software

Step 2: Click here Link File to download and then install Origins.

setup origin

Step 3: After opening Origins, the first step in installing Origins is to click Install Origin.

install origin

Step 4: In the options section when installing Origins software, you are allowed to select the following parameters:

use origin

Install Location: Choose where you install Origin on your device.
Create Desktop Shorcut: Create a copy of Origin on your desktop.
Run Origin when Windows Starts: Allow Origins to start when the computer is turned on.
Keep Origin and my games up to date: Allow Origin to run in the background, always updating the game when possible.
Share hardware specifications: Share your computer hardware, the system will recognize and help developers better understand.
Install Beta Versions of Origins: Install the beta version of Origins.

And of course the choice is up to you, after making your selection click I have read… already tiếp tục to continue installing Origin.

Step 5: Wait for a while to install Origins, a message will appear on your computer select Yes to finish the installation process.

Tai origin

Step 6: After installing the Origin software, the Launcher of the software will appear and you can log in to use the services that Origin provides.

download origin

Interface inside Origin

play game on origin

Download game origin

After installing Origin, do not forget to log in to receive the free Master Effect 2 game, details you can refer to the article Play Mass Effect 2 for free wrote.
As mentioned above, in addition to Origin, there are also Uplay and Steam, you can also use Steam, install Steam on your computer to refer, use more services and especially install Steam to your computer. Regularly receive free games offline.


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