How to install ProShow Producer, software to make videos from photos

How to install ProShow Producer, software to make videos from photos

Among current video-making software, many users install ProShow Producer because of its compactness, simplicity of use, and the most practical features, but before digging deeper into the section This software, let’s together Taimienphi learn how to install ProShow Producer.

ProShow Producer stores your memories through videos, albums transformed from photos in your hand. has guided you Make videos with ProShow Producer, readers can view and refer to before downloading the software.

Instructions for installing ProShow Producer

Over the years, ProShow Producer is getting better and better than hundreds of similar software such as PhotoFilm Strip or Movie Video Maker. Even ProShow Producer is considered the default software when it comes to making videos from photos. But if you want to be fast and not fussy PhotoFIlm Strip Also a good choice.

Here would like to guide you to Install ProShow Producer, make videos from photos.

Install ProShow Producer, the software makes videos from photos

Step 1: You download ProShow Producer
Step 2: Right-click on the downloaded installer and click Open.


Step 3: Click next to continue the installation.


Step 4: Welcome window appears, click next.


Step 5: The software will notify, if you try it, the time limit is 15 days. If you have a license code, please tap Enter Registraditon to enter the Key code. If not, press next to the next step.


Step 6: Read the agreement as well as the terms in the software and then click I Agree to continue.

proshow producer make video bang anh 6

Step 7: Choose where to install the software and then click next to proceed with the installation.


Step 8: The software is ready to install, please press Install.

how to make a proshow producer make videos from you 8

The installation process will take a few minutes, please wait.


Step 9: After completing the installation, the software will display a notice board as shown below. Please press Finish.


Step 10: The system requires users to restart the computer immediately to save the newly installed settings. Please press Yes to agree.


After restarting the device, open the ProShow Producer software that has just been installed, the software’s working screen will display as shown below.

So has instructed the installation of ProShow Producer, the most popular and used video-making software from photos today. Also readers can refer to the Software for making videos from photos on offline.


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