How to install Skype, chat for free phone calls

Installing skype allows you to experience many useful features such as chatting, making free calls when you are connected to the internet. Currently, Skype is one of the many chat and call applications.

Skype chat software helps you chat freely with friends, connecting friends not only within a country but around the world. Similar to other chat software such as Yahoo, Viber or Zalo, users can call their loved ones with a microphone-connected device, create Voice Chats with no fee.

Instructions for installing Skype, free calling chat

Skype defaults to the English language after installation, however, it’s easy Change Skype language to use the Vietnamese language in Skype instead of having difficulty using the English language, how to change the skype interface is quite simple, without much experience, you can easily change it.

After installation, if you want to use multiple skype nick on your computer, you can also do it. There are many tips to help you chat many Skype nick on the computer, refer to the way chat multiple nick skype has introduced before for easy implementation.

System requirements

– Install Skype on computers using Windows operating systems with all versions such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista / 7/8 (32 bit and 64 bit).
– Computers with 400 MHz processor and 128MB RAM or higher.

How to install Skype, chat for free calling

You can download the latest version of Skype on your computer here: Download Skype

New version of Skype

Step 1: You click on the previously downloaded installation file to start the Skype installation process

install Skype

Step 2: It will take a few seconds for the system to prepare for the installation process, then you click Install to install Skype

Install Skype chat for free

Step 3: Process install Skype Start, if you want to cancel you can click on Cancel

Skype settings for computers

Step 4: You log into your Skype account, if you do not have one you can create a new account by clicking No account? Creat one!

install Skype for win 10

Step 5: You proceed to select the background, there are two backgrounds Light (white) and Dark Then click the arrow icon, also you can directly click on Skip to use the default white background.

Install the latest Skype

Step 6: Here you can choose your avatar by uploading or dragging it in, after you’re done click the arrow icon

install Skype, free calling app

Step 7: This step is the audio test, you can check the mic or speaker sound by clicking Test Audio, After making sure everything is fine, click the arrow keys to move to the next step

install Skype

Step 8: Finally, you have finished installing Skype, now you can start using the latest version of Skype 2018

install Skype

Old version of Skype
Step 1: Open the folder containing the Skype installation file

install Skype

Step 2: Select the appropriate language to apply for future use. You can choose ” Run Skype when the computer starts “ let the utility run automatically as soon as the computer boots up.
Click I Agree – next.

Guide to Skype

Step 3: Choose “Install Skype Click to Call“if you want to install more Skype calling features.
Click tiếp tục to continue.

set skype on the computer

Step 4: The next window displayed allows you to choose to make Bing the main search page when selecting “Make Bing my search engine” or set the MSN Website as the homepage for the browser you’re using select “Make MSN my homepage“.
You may also not choose any of these two available options.
Click tiếp tục

Install Skype on Windows

Step 5: Because Skype has a moderate capacity compared to computer system resources, the installation process of this utility also takes place quite quickly, depending on the computer configuration.

download skype guide

The process of installing Skype software is completed, the utility has the interface as shown below:

How to set up Skype

What are the full features of Skype?

– Installing Skype on the system will not only help you to chat, make free phone calls, but also help you protect the conversations confidentially to avoid spreading or revealing information outside.

– Skype also has a function to record calls such as the feature to keep chat history, thanks to this feature, you can easily listen to your conversations with other people on your computer or on many saved devices. other reserves.

– One of the most special features of Skype is the ability to integrate with MS Office 2013 to help you work while chatting with your friends and relatives.

– Not only that, the utility also integrates MS Outlook, so you can easily make chats and make calls from your mailbox to the stored addresses.


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