How to install SmartDeblur

Not all photos are taken perfectly. There are pictures taken when the camera is shaken, the focus is wrong, the image is blurred incorrectly, … You will no longer have to worry about these issues anymore, install SmartDeblur and all the above troubles will be thoroughly resolved.

SmartDeblur allows users to sharpen images for a variety of reasons, such as when the camera is shaken, the image is blurred incorrect, the focus is incorrect, etc. Imagine having a photo with the information you need. know on it but too dim to read, SmartDeblur will turn your photos back and can read the content on them, it’s great, isn’t it. The following article will guide you how Install SmartDeblurPlease follow along.

How to install SmartDeblur

System configuration required

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10 (32bit or 64bit) or Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or more
CPU: 1 GHz or more
Ram: 2GB minimum
Free memory: 500MB or more

Linh download SmartDeblur

– You can download SmartDeblur to your computer at the link: Download SmartDeblur

Step 1: You boot the installation file after the SmartDeblur download has completed. Click Run to continue

Install smartdeblur

Step 2: You click next to continue

Cai smartdeblur

Step 3: Here you will refer to the terms of use of SmartDeblur software, after reading, click I accept the agreement to agree to these terms. Then click next to continue

Install smartdeblur software

Step 4: Normally the software will be installed by default in the Program Files folder, you can change the SmartDeblur installation directory to your liking by clicking on Browse … If you do not want to change, then click directly next to move to the next step

Set smartdeblur, lam net anh

Step 5: A software launch shortcut icon will be installed into the default folder on the Start Menu, you can change this folder by clicking on Browse … Click next to continue

Set smartdeblur for pc

Step 6: Here you will be asked if you want to install a software launch icon on the desktop, if you do not want to install then uncheck it Create a desktop icon, finally click next to continue

setup smartdeblur

Step 7: Check the settings for the last time before proceeding to install SmartDeblur then click Install to start installing the software

Install smartdeblur on the computer

Step 8: The installation process begins, you wait a moment for the process to complete. If you want to cancel click on Cancel.

how to install smartdeblur

Step 9: After the installation is completed, click finish to finish installing SmartDeblur and start the software. Refer How to use SmartDeblur here

download smartdeblur

Some pictures of the software

at smartdeblur

how to install smartdeblur

Lam net anh bang smartdeblur

So you have completed the installation of SmartDeblur. Hopefully with this software you will recover your blurry photos. Good luck
Besides SmartDeblur, you can sharpen images in Photoshop, however, manipulation in Photoshop is a lot more complicated, so you need to have experience using Photoshop to sharpen your images.


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