How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Windows

How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Windows

The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 includes many new features and capabilities. It will help organizations evaluate and test relational data with the integration of various software. To install Microsoft SQL Server 2019, follow the instructions shared in the article below.

SQL Server 2019 is Microsoft’s industry-leading database management platform, which was released by the company on November 4, 2019. SQL Server 2019 provides various enhancements to the core database engine and integrates with several Big Data platforms such as Apache Spark, Data Lake, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), machine learning… This release is considered a giant leap in database integration with other exciting features and technologies.

How to install SQL Server 2019

You can install SQL Server 2019 on Windows, Linux or Docker containers and in this article, will guide you in detail how to install SQL Server 2019 on Windows.

SQL Server 2019 Installation Guide

Step 1: Download Microsoft SQL Server 2019 here to install.

=> Link to download SQL Server 2019 Developer

=> Link to download SQL Server 2019 Express

– SQL Server 2019 Developer: Full-featured free version, licensed for use as a development and testing database in non-production environments.
– SQL Server 2019 Express: Free version of SQL Server, ideal for development and production for small applications. It has a size limit of 10 GB.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click open the file named SQL2019-SSEI-Dev.exe or SQL2019-SSEI-Expr.exe (depending on the version you choose) and you will see 3 options to install SQL 2019 as shown below.

how to install microsoft sql server 2019

– Option Basic is the fastest. It installs the default configuration of the SQL Server Database Engine.
– Option Custom allows you to specify the installation location. You can also choose which features are installed.
– Option Download Media allows you to download a setup file for offline installation. You can choose which version of SQL Server Engine you want to download.

In this guide, will choose the option Custom.

at microsoft sql server 2019

Step 3: Specify the installation location and click the . button Install to start downloading the setup files.

download microsoft sql server 2019

Step 4: Next, we will proceed to install SQL Server 2019.

– After completing the download of the installation package, the wizard will open a window SQL Server Installation Center. This window provides a range of different tools used to install and manage your SQL server.
– First, you click on the option New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation to start the installation process.

at sql server 2019

– The next screen gives you an overview of the SQL Express Server license terms. Tick ​​the option I accept the license terms and Privacy Statement and click next to continue.

download sql server 2019

– Next, you tick the option Use Microsoft Update to check for updates (recommended) to keep track of updates from Microsoft. Then click next to continue.

install sql server

– In Install Rules screen, you will identify potential problems during installation. All entries show status Failed must be resolved before you proceed with the installation. If none of the entries fail, click Next.

install sql server 2014

– In Feature Selection screen, you select the elements of SQL Server 2019 to install and define the installation folders in Section Features. Press next to continue.

how to install sql server 2008

– In Instance Configuration screen, you choose the name Default Instance or Named Instance. For this tutorial, uses the option Named instance and keep the suggested names by default. Press next to continue.

install microsoft sql server 2019

– Next in Java Install Configuration screen, you install Java with your current installation or provide a path to the version you have installed on your computer. Press next to continue.

how to install sql server 2019

– In Server Configuration screen, you take the default values ​​for Service Accounts and Collation. Then click Next.
– In Database Engine Configuration screen, you specify the authentication mode for your SQL server. In this guide, chooses Mix Mode. You enter the password and any other settings you want to configure, add the current user as an administrator by clicking the button Add Current Use. Press next to continue.

how to install and install sql server 2019

– The next two screens ask you to agree to install Microsoft R Open and Python respectively. Click Accept and next to continue.

install sql server 2019

– After the installation is complete, the new screen shows an overview of the installed features. Click Close to finish the installation of SQL Server 2019.

how to install microsoft sql server 2019

Step 5: Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
Step 6: Test connection with SQL Server 2019 Express edition in 2 ways: using SQL Server Management Studio or Command Prompt.

* Using SQL Server Management Studio:

– You go to SQL Server Management Studio (, scroll down below section Download SSMS and click on the link provided.

sql server installation guide 2019

– Open the downloaded installation file and click Install to start the setup.

sql server update 2019

– Once the setup is done, click Close to exit.

how to install sql server 2019 on windows

– Run SQL Server Management Studio.
– In the login window, select the option SQL Server Authentication and use the name Login (sa) default and password you set during SQL Server 2019 setup in Database Engine Configuration screen.
– Click Connect to try to connect to the server.

how to install sql server 2019 on pc

If the login window closes without problems and you successfully access the main window of SQL Server Management Studio, this means that the connection is working properly.

* Using Command Prompt

– You enter the following command into Command Prompt:

sqlcmd – WILL [computer name]SQLEXPRESS
select @@version

Step 7: Finally, you restart the computer after completing all the steps.

Thus, the article has shared with you the steps to install SQL Server 2019 Express edition. After following this guide, your SQL instance is installed and ready to use.
Besides, if your computer runs Ubuntu operating system, you can also refer to how to install Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu here.

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