How to install Sumatra PDF

How to install Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is a fairly compact PDF reader and viewer. To use the software you need to install Sumatra PDF software

There are many software used to read and view the PDF file format. To help you see these formats faster as well as use small software to save computer space, Sumatra PDF is a software not to be missed. Although it is a fairly small software, it can open all large files at a fairly fast speed, so you will not have to wait long.

Today’s article will introduce you how to install this software

Instructions on how to install the Sumatra PDF software

Step 1:

First open up the folder containing the software to begin the installation

If you do not have Sumatra PDF then download it to use.

Next, double click to start the installation process

Step 2:

Option: You can select the link here again

Then choose Install Sumatra PDF

Step 3:

Choose Start Sumatra PDF

Step 4:

After selection Start Sumatra PDF then a dialog box will appear. You choose Run to complete the installation process

And finally the interface when the program is installed

To install Sumatra PDF Nothing hard at all. has instructed you in detail how to install this software so that you can use to view or read a PDF file with quite fast speed. Also you can refer to the article The best PDF viewer software to refer to other software also used to read pdf files.


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