How to install Supercar Mod for Minecraft

How to install Supercar Mod for Minecraft

With just a few simple steps to install Minecraft, players can own a lot of shiny and powerful cars in Minecraft survival game. And here Taimienphi will guide you to install supercar Mod for Minecraft, please pay attention to follow.

At the present time, the number of players participating in Minecraft survival game is constantly increasing, many mod versions are born to help players experience the game more effectively and can survive in the world. Minecraft better.

Alcara Mod – Provides a lot of vehicles in Minecraft

Guide to install Mod supercar for Minecraft

Step 1: Before installing any Mod version, you need to have Minecraft game on your computer. Download and install Minecraft follow the link below.

– Download Minecraft Latest version here.

Step 2: Continue to download the support software Mod Minecraft Forge and start the installation after the download is complete.

– Download Minecraft Forge here.

how to install super car mod for minecraft 2

Step 3: Install Minecraft Forge by clicking OK, got it.

how to install super car mod for minecraft 3

Step 4: The installation process takes a few minutes and may take longer, you should wait patiently, the message shown below means it has been successful, click OK, got it.

how to install super car mod for minecraft 4

Step 5: On the toolbar, launch Run by pressing the key combination Windows + R, type % appdata% to access the directory .minecraft

how to install super car mod for minecraft 5

Step 6: You create a new folder and name it Mods.

how to install super car mod for Minecraft 6

Step 7: Next you download the Super Mod for Minecraft called Alcara Mod and copy it to the folder Mods.
– Download link Alcara Mod here

how to install super car mod for minecraft 7

With the Super Mod Mod version for Minecraft, players can own the most super cool and HOT models today, let’s explore the list with Taimienphi.
– Lamborghini Hurac√°n
РLamborghini Murciélago LP670 SV
– Lamborghini Aventador LP 740-4
– Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
– Mercedes Benz S65 AMG
– Rolls Royce Phantom
– Audi Q7
– Audi RS4
– Audi R8 DTM
– Ferrari Enzo
– Ferrari Enzo FXX
– Ferrari F40
– Ferrari Testarossa (Miami Vice)
– Ford Model T2 1926
– Renault Magnum Truck (DHL / Maersk)
– Renault Magnum Tipper
– Excavator
– Porsche 911 (991) Turbo S
– Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S
– Porsche 911 (991) 911 S
– Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS
– Bugatti Chiron
– Chopper
– Sauber C9
– Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II
You can also install these Flans Mod and Flan’s Simple Parts Pack Mod to use spare parts, make detailed parts of each super car easier. If there are any errors during the installation, please contact Taimienphi via the comment section below, we will answer all your questions.


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