How to install Teamviewer 14, access remote computers

How to install Teamviewer 14, access remote computers

TeamViewer is the HOT remote computer control software currently available, supports connecting computers, sharing multiple screens, … and especially easily connecting computers to Android and iOS phones. Today’s article will guide you on how to install Teamviewer 14.

TeamViewer is a remote management and control software, and you can access to control other people’s computers in a very remote location very easily via the internet, installing TeamViewer takes little space and is easy Use with useful features, good support for users.

Installing TeamViewer 14 takes quite little space and is easy to use

Table of Contents:
1. Instructions on how to install Teamviewer.
2. How to use Teamviewer.

Instructions on how to install Teamviewer 14

Step 1: User download version Teamviewer 14 About the computer here: TeamView 14
Step 2: You run the installation file Teamview, you can double click to run it always or right click and select Run as administrator to run as Admin.

how to set teamviewer 14 2

Step 3: Installation interface Teamviewer appears, you choose:

– Choose Basic installation in the section How do you want to proceed?
– Choose Personal / Non-commerial use in the section How do you want to use Teamviewer? To use this application for free.
Then you click on Accept – Finish.

how to set teamviewer 14 3

You can also tick Show advanced settings to display more and further refine the installation if you want -> click finish

how to set teamviewer 14 4

After you choose finish then immediately the software will automatically install and create a shortcut to the desktop.

how to set teamviewer 14 5

Step 4: After installing TeamViewer successfully, the software will automatically display the main interface of TeamViewer and you enter ID and pass of someone else’s access to the computer or you can use ID and password are displayed on the software and then shared to others so that other person can connect to their remote computer.

how to set teamviewer 14 6

How to use Teamviewer to connect to a remote computer

Step 1: Open the program TeamViewer just installed up.
Step 2: The main interface of the program will have the following information you need to pay attention:
Your ID: TeamViewer will grant 9 digits per machine and unchanged.
Password: Including 4 digits, each time you activate to open the program the password will change.

how to set teamviewer 14 7

Step 3: To connect remotely to another computer, it must also have Teamviewer installed (should be the same version). Section Partner ID You enter that person’s ID -> then select Connect to Partner -> There will be a message box appears asking for password to access that computer -> Enter the password and select Connect to connect is done.

If you want others to access your computer, you only need to provide Your ID and Password in the above section for that person to make the connection as in Step 3 is okay.

Above is the tutorial how to install Teamviewer 14 as well as the usage of this software. With this software, the operations for you to install and use are quite simple. You only need an Internet connection to download this software, and you only need to know Your ID as Password others can provide remote connection right away.
In addition, in the course of using it, you forget your password Teamviewer and need to check to get back, refer to how retrieve Teamviewer password has shared, instructions to know how to perform. Good luck!


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