How to install the Android 9.0, Android P interface for all other Android phones

Install the Android 9.0 interface for your phone right now if your device is not on the list of phones allowed on Android P. However, installing the Android P interface will definitely bring the same experience. like a genuine Android P.

Install Android 9.0 interface is a lifeline for those who want to go to Android P to experience the latest of Google but are not on the list for Android P. In addition, installing the Android P interface helps you quickly experience it. The operating system’s basic interface without having to wait for updates because Android devices have historically been slow in their updated versions.

Refer The device list is up to Android 9.0 here

Of course, installing the Android 9.0 interface, changing this Android P theme does not make you lose the original theme of the machine and just nearly uninstalled and we will change our old theme. And install this Android 9.0 interface is compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 and above so make sure your phone can afford to download and install Android P.

Instructions for installing the Android 9.0 interface for all Android phones.

All Android phones have the same software installation and running process, so in this tutorial we will use Samsung phones to install Android 9.0 interface. Readers can apply and follow with their phones.

Step 1: To install Android 9.0 interface we need to download Luancher Android P to our phones, download Android Phere.

how to install android 9 0 android p for all other android phones 2

Step 2: After the download is complete, the computer will warn you about the dangers of this file but do not care where, just press OK, got it and proceed to open to install Android P.

how to install android 9 0 android p for all other android phones 3

Step 3: One more warning from your Android system when asking whether to install the app in the stream or not. If you press the settings will be transferred to another interface on your phone, here you activate the unknown installation mode.

how to install android 9 0 android p for all other android phones 4

Step 4: Next is the process of installing the regular Android P interface like other applications, here you just need to wait to install.

how to install android 9 0 android p for all other android phones 5

Finally, experience the Android P 9.0 interface that I just installed on my computer, this is just the basic interface that would recommend. There are still a lot of items, changes when installing Android 9.0 interface readers can explore on their own.

how to install android 9 0 android p for all other android phones 6

Here please stop by installing Android 9.0 interface has been completed already, the experience of Android P interface is how we would like to leave you to read the experience and reviews. If you have any comments or questions in the article you can read the link below, we will reply you in the shortest time.
Not only does the interface need to be concerned, but other components such as the Android phone keyboard also need to be beautiful, for those who like the new, following guide to changing Android phone keyboard will be a useful article. useful, and important to bring you more interesting things when you change change your Android phone keyboard for your device.


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