How to install UltraViewer, remote computer control software

How to install UltraViewer, remote computer control software

Install UltraViewer, a free remote computer control software that accesses and manages remote computers that has been popular ever. Please install UltraView on your computer to experience the useful features of the software

To support each other without having to bring computers, laptops to the place, users often connect, control computers remotely using TeamViewer for convenience. TeamViewer has the ability to connect fast, high stability but often encounter some errors that make users feel uncomfortable.

Instructions for installing UltraViewer, remote computer control software

Because of that, UltraViewer was born to bring better services to users. Especially for Vietnamese users. UltraViewer is Vietnamese software and offers all the most advanced features available today. Please install UltraViewer today to experience offline.

Install UltraViewer, software for remote computer control

Step 1: Download UltraViewer software: Download UltraView
Step 2: Run the installation file => You choose next

laptop ultraviewer

Step 3: Select the folder to save the UltraView settings (default will be C drive) => Select next

The ultraviewer on the computer

Step 4: Choose Next

ultraviewer box

Step 5: If you want UltraViewer icon to appear on the desktop then leave the checkmark, otherwise click uncheck => Select next

ultraviewer box

Step 6: Choose Install

setup ultraviewer

Step 7: The installation process takes a few seconds

ultraviewer box

Finish you choose finish

ultraviewer box

The main interface of UltraViewer

win 10 ultraviewer

In addition, you can change the English interface to Vietnamese for easy use.

ultraviewer pc

Above, has shown you how to install UltraViewer, software to connect, access and control computers remotely. With UltraViewer, you can easily repair computers of your relatives and friends even far from the geographical area. Besides using UltraViewer, you can also refer to the way remote control the computer by connecting your computer using Chrome Remote Desktop for more options. Your uncle successfully implemented!

Use your phone to control the computer remotely, have you ever heard of it, this is entirely possible thanks to the development of information technology today, there are many applications that are programmed to help. Users control the computer with their phone on both iOS and Android, if you want to connect to another computer, why not Control the computer by phone Useful.


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