How to install application on the computer

After Bigo, is a very HOT name in the Live Stream community now. Users can install on computers other than mobile devices and the following instruction will help you do that.

Fast Manually install on the computer immediately, the extremely HOT Live Stream application is being used by many V-teens or V-Blogs as their image promotion tools. If you’ve ever installed Bigo Live to use it, you will probably feel familiar when installing on your computer in the same manner. And if you are install Bigo Live, use it as the main tool for your tool, you should also try is a Live Stream application on mobile devices running Android and iPhone operating systems. And to install on your computer we need to use an Android emulator, specifically here is Bluestacks. The latest Bluestacks software version 3 brings a lot of useful features, supporting users to use.

Instructions for installing on the computer

– As mentioned above to be able to install on the computer, you must use Bluestacks, if you do not have Bluestacks installed, you must immediately install it. The installation method is extremely simple and you can refer to the instructions Install Bluestacks here.

– Also you can download Android, iPhone versions here.

Download for Android here.
Download for iPhone here.

Step 1: After installing Bluestacks, you have to open this software then type Please.

how to install umbala tv on computer

Step 2: Immediately you will see the results of appear at the beginning, click on it.

app umbala tv on pc

Step 3: And to be able to install Umbala on computers, of course, we have to install this application on the computer by clicking Install.

app umbala tv

Next is Accept with the necessary connection required by

app umbala tv live stream

Step 4: Right after downloading the application, we can use immediately, you have the right to choose Register with your Facebook account, Email or phone number. Here uses Email addresses because it is quick and simple.

how to use umbala tv on laptop

Enter the email address and password you want to enter.

how to use umbala tv on computer

Next, enter the nickname you want to use in

how to use umbala tv on computer

Step 5: Next, the system wants you to connect with friends via Facebook, if you do not like, click Skip to forgive.

umbala tv app

Step 6: This is where you can follow – follow celebrities on, we can choose whoever we want or not, just go ahead Skip to skip it.

how to install umbala tv on computer

Step 7: Before using, you can choose and take a picture of yourself as you like, and if you do not want, just go Skip.

how to use umbala tv on computer

Step 8: This is the interface after installing Umbala on your computer, to use you click on the Rainbow Camera icon.

how to use umbala tv on computer

Step 9: Enter the content you want to Live Stream and press Start Live To use Live stream online.

setup umbala tv on computer

We can interact with users by playing games or Emoticon icons to decorate our

how to use umbala tv on computer

At the end there will be statistics on the number of viewers, followers or Golds you receive from fans.

how to use umbala tv on computer

Step 10: If you do not like Live Stream, you can go to channel of others and follow or talk to them as you like. This feature is very similar to Bigo Live so surely you will quickly get used to it.

how to use umbala tv on computer

At that point, would like to ask not to leave, with instructions to install Umbala on computers on believe readers can grasp the basic usage of Of course, not only is it possible, but there are many more features that readers should use and explore, you will certainly find it to be no less interesting than Bigo Lives.
And don’t forget that the biggest rival that’s about to complete its tools is Facebook. It can be said that the way Live Stream Facebook is getting more and more complete, is adding a lot of features to be able to defeat all opponents, even Snapchat has to be wary. So if you want a large number of followers, learn how to Live Stream Facebook right now.


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