How to install USB HDD Boot

How to install Usb HDD boot will guide you to install one of the extremely convenient software for users to install the Windows installer on their USB. also learn how to install Usb HDD boot to see what this software can do.

USB HDD Boot is a software that helps storage devices such as removable hard drives, USBs become rescue devices, capable of booting to install the Windows operating system. With a simple and easy to use interface, USB HDD Boot can completely help you turn any USB drive or hard drive into a rescue device consisting of multiple Windows installers at the same time. Reference way Install USB HDD Boot to install this great software on your computer.

How to install Usb HDD boot

Step 1: Proceed to download the latest version of USB HDD Boot here: Download USB HDD Boot

Step 2: Open the folder containing the installation file, double-click the USB HDD Boot installer.

Step 3: If your system appears a Security Warning dialog box similar to the image below, press Run.

how to install usb hdd boot

Step 4: Actually, you do not need to install USB HDD Boot. As soon as you launch the software installation file, USB HDD Boot will automatically start the software without having to go through complicated installation steps. The interface of the software is very simple with two main options.

how to install usb hdd boot
Here has shown you how to install USB HDD Boot, a great utility to help you integrate the Windows installer as well as rescue software on your storage device. After installation is complete, you can create usb boot with USB HDD Boot Extremely simple. Good luck !


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