How to install VnTime font on the latest computers, laptops

How to install VnTime font on the latest computers, laptops

How to install VnTime font on computers, laptops, the latest will be instructions in the following article. Through the installation of this VnTime font, you can download documents online without having to worry about font errors.

In Windows operating system allows users to add custom fonts instead of using the default Windows Font, so we absolutely can install VnTime font, A common type of Font in Vietnam. If you do not have a computer VnTime font, sometimes when you open Word and Excel text files using the font type above, you will experience Font error.

Download, install vn time font

In case of Font error, we will have to take more time to convert Font from one format to another through support tools like Unikey. Such as transfer VnTime to Time New Roman. And in this article will guide you how to install VnTime font and fix that situation.

Instructions to install Font VNTIME on computers, laptops.

Step 1: Download the most complete VnTime Font here: VnTime font.

In addition to Font VNI in this article, you can also download other Vietnamese FONTs such as:
The FUll Font Set includes fonts: Download Font FUll
Unicode Font Set: Download Unicode font
Font Set VN Time: Download Font VNI
TCVN3 Font Set: Download TCVN3 font

Step 2: After the download is complete, you need to extract, use WinRAR to extract the file.

how to install vntime font on laptop

Step 3: Access to the extracted folder, click each Font or press Ctrl + A to select the entire Font you want to install. Right-click and select Install Font to install VNTIME Font.

how to install vntime font on laptop

In addition to the above, you can copy with Ctrl + C then navigate to C: Windows Fonts and copy the entire Font to this folder.

Set vn time font

Step 4: When done

install vntime font, you can check by missing the previous font or go to Word to try Font.

how to install vntime font on laptop computer
The VnTime Font installer is one of the important fonts that you should have in your computer, used to edit word, excel or use other related software. Also if you like alternative fonts, you can install Calligraphy Font right on your computer, laptop to use.


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