How to install wifi, TP-Link modem Tenda, Tenda, Vnpt, Viettel

Reinstalling the company’s wifi modem, where you live, will help you both secure internet connection information, help speed stability, and deepen the data on your computer to be better protected, So, how to install wifi as well as install wifi modem TP-Link, Tenda, Vnpt, Viettel like?

Progressive Internet connection, WIFI For laptops, mobile phones have become a habit and necessary for us in daily life and work. In particular, wifi transmitters are quite important when smart devices are widely used today. There may be times when your internet connection is down, or you can’t even get Wi-Fi.

Instead of before buying new you have the wifi technician installed for yourself, now, when you encounter this case how you will overcome. With the wifi setup, install the wifi modem transmitter TP-Link, Tenda, Vnpt, Viettel The following will help you do that. Not only can you change the password to protect as well as prevent the situation of your home’s wifi to be used daily by the neighbors … but in this way you also create conditions for the device to rest. after hours of operation.

How to install wifi, Set wifi modem TP-Link, Tenda, Vnpt, Viettel

1. Install wifi, Set wifi TP-Link modem generator.

Step 1: Determine the IP address of the wifi transmitter.

Usually, to perform this step, you only need to flip the back of the device to see all the information that the manufacturer prints on it along with the IP address and password we need to access.

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 2

As you can see in the picture, the device’s IP address is, the default default account and password is admin. In addition, with all devices of TP Link you can also replace the IP address range by accessing the address

However, if you can not find the IP address used to configure and change the wifi password as shown in the picture, you can apply the Check the IP address On the computer to know the IP address on that device, you can apply this IP address check with many different devices.

In many cases, devices are configured and set by technicians according to other IP ranges, so you will not be able to access by default IP address. So if you want to manually configure and set the wifi password, you have to reset the device to its original state by using the toothpick and pressing and holding the reset button until all the lights on the device morning all at once and then let go. Now wait for the device to automatically reclaim the IP address before you can log in with the default account as above.

Step 2: Connect the wifi transmitter to the computer with a LAN cable (Connect the network cable on the yellow LAN port). Use any web browser to access the IP address or the link with username and password are admin .

Step 3: Wifi management interface appears, in the left column you choose Network >LAN to change the IP address then press Save leave the device to change the default IP range (this will help your device avoid IP overlap with the modem).

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 3

Step 4: Next in the left column you choose to Wireless > Wireless Settings . Here you enter the new wifi name in the section Wireless Network Name then press Save as shown below.

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 4

Step 5: Finally, set a password for the wifi transmitter. Also at the tab Wireless you choose Wireless Security .

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 5

Inside Version and Encryption You should leave the regime Automatic for later devices to catch wifi most can get. Section Wireless Password is where you enter the password for the device. After setting all the parameters, click Save to save the process.

That’s it, the process of setting up and setting up TP Link wifi, now you just need to get the internet connection from the modem plugged into the WAN port of the device and you can use wifi on other portable devices.

2. Install wifi, Set wifi modem to Tenda.

Step 1: Similar to TP Link, after determining the IP range of your device, you can access it via any web browser. Normally, the default address of Tenda will be with password is admin.

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 6

Step 2: Choose DHCP then enter the WiFi password you want to put into the box Security Key then press OK, got it.

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 7

Step 3: Click on it Advanced to enter the device custom settings, here you click the tab Wireless > enter new wifi name in the box SSID (Network Name) then press OK, got it to save.

how to set wifi settings wifi modem tp link tenda vnpt viettel 8

So you have installed Tenda wifi, now you unplug the cable plugged in the computer plugged into the port on the Modem, the other end of the cord you plugged into the blue WAN port on the wifi transmitter is done. With VNPT or Viettel wifi transmitters and a few other brands, you can also manipulate the simple steps as above. The only thing that each device they will configure is different login user / password such as VNPT with commonly used username / password is megavnn. For more details you can follow the summary article Wifi modem login account Taimienphi shared in the previous article.

Above is the process of guiding you how to install wifi with just a few simple steps on some common brands today. Hopefully, with this small tip, you can manage and track the number of your home’s wifi users, avoiding thieves using your Wi-Fi network.
In addition, you can also refer to a few more ways to change the wifi password on other devices such as FPT, DLINK, iGATE … that we have summarized the following. Hope you can change your wifi password successfully.

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