How to install Windows 10 Cloud with USB, a shortened operating system for schools and businesses

How to install Windows 10 Cloud with USB, a shortened operating system for schools and businesses

This is an article on how to install Windows 10 Cloud – a shortened operating system for low-cost systems for schools or businesses. Windows 10 Cloud will work based on cloud services. Taimienphi will guide you how to install Windows 10 Cloud and introduce some differences compared to normal versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is divided into many versions for different audiences, and with the latest version of Windows 10 Creators Update, the Microsoft publisher has given users a better choice in information security. mine. Windows 10 Creators Update is equipped with the best features to meet the learning and working of users, now many users are looking for the Windows 10 Creators Update to install on their computers, one of The best ways are to install Windows 10 Creators Update with USB, with how to install Windows 10 Creators Update, you only need to have a 4GB or more USB drive to successfully install the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Recently, Windows 10 Cloud has been revealed. Although not yet officially launched, this is still considered the first step for Windows 10 to access more than the low-cost models, for businesses and schools. Windows 10 Cloud will operate primarily based on cloud services, so the device will not need to be configured to use the service, which is accompanied by the use of Universal Windows applications. Create optimization for your devices. And up to the present time, this is really a rival of Chrome OS.

Currently this is only a trial version of Windows 10 Cloud, the functionality is not complete, some software does not work so you should not install it as the main operating system of the machine.

How to install Window 10 Cloud.

Prepare the system.

– Download the installer Windows 10 Cloud ISO file

– 1 USB with 8GB capacity or more

Step 1: Create a Windows 10 Cloud installer with USB. Refer to instruction how create usb install Windows 10

Step 2: Start the Windows 10 installation program from the USB

Step 3: Select the installation language (Choose between English or Russian). If English is selected, press My language is English

Step 4: Select the system language, press next to continue

Step 5: Click Install now

Step 6: Enter the Windows installation key, if you do not have a license key, press I don’t have a product key

Step 7: Select the installation version. At this step you choose Windows 10 Cloud

Step 8: Tick in the box I accept the license terms, then press next

Step 9: Select the installation form

Upgrade: Install method of upgrading the system, keeping settings, programs, data, etc.
Custom: Install a new Windows without retaining the old operating system.

Please consider carefully before choosing this step

Step 10: Select a partition to install Windows. You need to format the partition before choosing. Data on that partition will be lost. Click next to start the installation process

Step 11: The installation process takes place, you ensure the system is not shut down halfway

Step 12: After completing the installation, the computer will reboot and start installing the device driver

Step 13: Select the form to install users on computers.

My work or school owns it: Computers installed for schools or businesses will have some user-specific permissions
I own it: Computers for personal use.

Depending on the needs to use, you choose the corresponding form.

Step 14: Enter your Microsoft account to sync data. If you do not want to enter an account, just use the user on the computer, you can press Offline account. Click next to continue.

Step 15: Enter the user account name on the machine

Step 16: Enter the computer login password

Step 17: Confirm your computer login password

Step 18: Set computer privacy (allow access or not), press Accept to complete

Step 19: Windows installation is completed.

Thus, you have completed the installation of Windows 10 Cloud

Differences Windows 10 Cloud with the full version

Bring the full range of features of the program so far Windows Insider Programs and be prepared to update Windows 10 Creator Update include:

Change the look Setting App, add new feature settings

Change the command line program from Command Prompt to Windows PowerShellHowever, it does not work

In addition, software OneDrive no longer active

During the driver installation process, some software and drivers cannot be installed on Windows 10 Cloud

Operating system introduction is not Windows 10 Cloud which is Windows Insider Program.

Above is how to install Windows 10 Cloud in just a few simple steps. However, you should consider before installing because this is only a trial version. The official version may be released in the near future. When updating to Windows 10 Creator, some of the default functions will be changed, you can restore the Command Prompt on Windows 10 Creator Update that has been replaced by Windows PowerShell.


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