How to install Windows 11, Setup Win 11 standard version for the latest Laptop and PC

Similar to WIN 10, how to install Windows 11 from an ISO file on a computer is extremely simple. You only need 1 USB containing Boot Windows 11 and follow the instructions in the Setup Win 11 article of, you can experience the latest Microsoft OS.

Windows 11 – The latest version of Windows has appeared on the official Microsoft website and many technology forums, if you are curious and want to experience the new interface and features but do not know how, download and install Windows 11 Anyway, just follow the steps below.

Instructions to install Windows 11 with ISO file

What to prepare before installing Windows 11

– To watch Windows 11 installation configuration to determine if your computer is suitable.
– Download the standard Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft here: Link to download ISO file Windows 11 64BIT
– Next you create Windows 11 installation USB by Rufus, this method is used a lot.

Instructions for installing Windows 11, Setup Win11 without disc

Step 1: Plug USB Boot Windows 11 computer and then reboot.
Step 2: At the start screen after resetting the computer, press the shortcut F2, F9, F10 ….to enter mode Boot Options. Some models will have keyboard shortcuts Boot Options different, you can refer to the link below.

Reference: Shortcut to Boot Option

Step 3: Next you choose USB containing the Windows 11 installer.
Step 4: Now the Windows 11 installation interface appears, select language and method enter then press next.

how to install windows 11

Step 5: On the next screen, press Install Now.

how to install windows 11

Step 6: Import Windows installation code, if there is no press I don’t have a product key to skip the step of entering the license key.

install windows 11

Step 7: Selection Windows 11 installation version and then press next.

setup win11

Step 8: Next choose Custom Install Windows Only (advanced).
– Custom Install Windows Only (advanced): Allows you to install a new Windows 11 that replaces the old or used version of Windows.

how to install windows 11 pro

Step 9: Choose partition want to install Win 11 => press next.

Windows 11 setup

Immediately the system automatically installs Windows 11, the time it takes to install Windows 11 takes about 20 to 30 minutes, you can take a break or do other work and then come back to continue after Windows 11 installation is complete.

install windows 11 iso file

Step 10: The Windows 11 installation is complete, the computer automatically resets and the setup window appears. Here you choose area or language want to install => press Yes.

install windows 11 iso

Step 11: Choose language keyboard => press Yes.

how to install windows 11

Step 12: Press Setup for Personal use => click next.

how to install windows 11 pro

Step 13: Click Sign in with a security key if you don’t have a Microsoft account.

Reference: How to create a Microsoft account

install windows 11

Step 14: Put login password into your Windows 11 and then press OK.

install windows 11

Step 15: Press next continuously until the blue screen appears as below, wait for the system to apply the settings you have selected earlier (absolutely do not turn off the computer).

setup windows11

And here are your results after installing Windows 11, the new interface with icons and Start Menu in the center of the screen, showing many allowing you to access it more quickly.

setup win11

Above is how to install Windows 11 using USB, there are many good tips like how to install windows 11 without usb or Ghost Windows 10… Taimienphi will guide you in detail in the next articles. Don’t forget to save the article to see the official Windows 11 installation guide when it is released.
You have just upgraded to Windows 11, don’t forget to refer to how to change the font size for Windows 11. Sure, it will help you when you need to change the font size.

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