How to install Windows 7 in parallel with Windows XP to use it simultaneously on a PC

You want to install Windows XP in parallel with Windows 7 to support learning, entertainment, etc. You are wondering about how to install Windows XP and Windows 7 in parallel. machine without losing the operating system’s data.

There is a paradox now, that Windows XP users want to use Windows 7, and Windows 7 users want to return to Windows XP to play games and install compatible software, if you want to win Windows 7, you have Windows XP can be upgraded to Windows 7 easily, and if you want to change from Windows 7 to Windows XP, you can only reinstall the operating system from the beginning.

In this case, recommends parallel installation between windows 7 and windows xp. If in the previous article, instructed you to install Windows 8 in parallel with Windows 7 to experience on the new version of Windows 8, in this article you will know how to install Windows 7 in parallel with Windows XP without losing Data and absolute security.

Instructions to install Windows 7 in parallel with Windows XP


Download the ISO installation file of Windows 7 or Windows XP that you want to install on your computer

Windows 7
– Windows XP

To install two Windows in parallel, we first partition, divide the drive in NTFS format install Windows 2 should split 2 different drives. Next, depending on which version of Microsoft operating system you’re using, there are different ways to install it in parallel.

1. You are using Windows XP and want to install additional Windows 7

Step 1: First you adjust Boot by going to BIOS of the machine. Depending on the model, the way to enter the BIOS is different F1, F2, F10, ESC … After entering the BIOS, Where to install Windows, select from there, For example, from a CD, select CD, USB, then select USB in DOS interface.

Step 2: A new interface appears for choosing a language, typing method ….

Normally it should be left to default and selected next to continue.

– Language to Install: Language installed.
– Time and currency format: Date and currency format.
– Keyboard or input method: Typing keyboard use.

Step 3: This step you choose Install Now to continue

Step 4: Tick the item I accept the license terms then select next to continue.

Step 5: Select the item Custem (advanced) to continue.

Step 6: Select the partition to install Windows 7 you choose the type of Primary. Windows Xp is already installed on type machine System. So finished choosing the drive installed Windows 7.

Next Windows starts to copy the installation zip. This step is the most time consuming step of installing windows 7.

The next step is quite simple operation you need to fill User name, Computer name, Password, hostname, date and time … Choose next so is completed. And here is the result

2. Your computer is using Windows 7 and you want to install Windows XP

Step 1: From the keyboard in windows 7 You press the key combination Windows + R call dialog Run then enter“Diskmgmt.msc” dialog box Disk management appears you do the following:

Choose Shrink. The system will automatically divide into a new drive to store the new operating system

Step 2: A while after the dialog Disk Manegement 1 new partition appears “Unallocated”. Select the partition and do as the following image

Step 3: Next, a new dialog box appears asking for Choose partition format, New partition name …. you should leave the default, Select next as shown below

Shortly after the new dialog box appears, you can easily see the presence of a new drive, OK, so that has divided a new partition for installing a second operating system, the next job is to install Windows XP to the newly created drive.

Step 4: Note that if we install Windows 7 first and then install Windows XP the default computer will automatically start and use Windows XP as the main operating system, not booting to the existing Windows 7. So next we need to create a dual-boot menu. We use EasyBCD software.

– Carry out the installation as usual, when opening the program at the main interface of the program, you choose Add New Entry. Next enter “Windows XP” or whatever you like Name part Type choose Windows Visa / 7 , And section Drive You choose where the drive partition of Windows 7 is installed on.

Then choose Add Entry As shown below.

In this step, you choose in the following order,

– Choose the partition to install Windows XP
– Install BCD
– Write MBR
Above, we have just guided you to install Windows 7 operating system in parallel with Windows XP, wish you success and have an interesting experience about these two operating systems.


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