How to install Windows 7, install Windows 7 with DVD, USB, Hard drive

Although common, use a lot but install Windows 7 with DVD, Hard Drive, USB not everyone knows. Understanding this, will guide how to install Windows 7 below for you to install at home.

Windows 7 is still one of the widely used operating systems in working and learning environments around the world. Using Windows 7 has become a habit, although newer operating systems have been developed such as Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. However, the usage is like that, and how to install win 7 is still a question mark of many users.

How to install Windows 7, install Windows 7 with DVD, USB, Hard drive

Currently there are many ways to install Windows 7, the most basic way to mention is how to install Windows 7 with the publisher’s DVD. During the purchase process, the user will be downloaded by the Windows installation staff from the publisher’s win disks

In addition, you can refer to the way install Windows 7 with USB – a new and modern way of installing windows, helping users not need to use DVD drive on the computer to install Windows 7 quickly.

There is another way that is the way install Windows 7 from the hard drive, this is an installation that you do not need any additional tools outside of your computer. However, this method requires you to have more skills.

If you do not want to reinstall the entire operating system, you can also install windows 7 by ghost win 7. This is one of the simplest and least time consuming ways if you want a new operating system.

In this article, will guide you how to install win 7 on DVD.

First of all, to install win 7 you should learn the minimum requirements for computer hardware to be able to meet this operating system:

– CPU 1GHz or higher with 32 bit or 64 bit.
– 1 GB RAM for 32-bit version or 2 GB RAM for 64 bit (to install win 7 64bit best 4GB RAM or more to exploit the performance).
– 16 GB free disk space on HDD for 32 bits or 20 GB for 64 bits.
– Graphics card supports DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or higher.
– DVD drive

How to install win 7 with a DVD

Notes on installing Win 7
– You should back up Data included in the Windows installation drive (Default is drive C), the necessary data before installing.
– Reinstalling win means that you delete all data on the drive where it is installed.
– Some cases of reinstalling Windows but not full Driver may be due to the device you use is not automatically supported, you have to download it yourself and most laptops or this situation. The second case is because the Windows disk is too old, the version is not the latest or most recent.
– Using USB or installing from a disk to install Windows 7 is the same, there are not too many different features, using USB to install Win more convenient because now the machines are removing the drive.

Step 1: To

install win 7 operating system first you must tSet your computer to boot from CD or DVD in the BIOS

– Restart the device and press the key Del, F2, F7, F8, F12 It depends on your computer mainboard to access the BIOS. Reference way enter the BIOS of current models.
– When coming in BIOS You move and navigate to the boot card and select boot from CD / DVD. Reference way tweak the BIOS to boot from USB or DVD / CD

how to install windows 7 dvd dia

– Click F10 to save the configuration and restart the computer.

How to install Windows 7 DVD Drive

Step 2: Insert the Windows 7 DVD in the DVD drive and restart the computer. When the screen is displayed Press and Key … press any key to start the process of installing Win 7, the system will now load the file Win 7 as shown below.

Install Windows 7 from DVD

After loading, the window will appear

Install Windows 7 with DVD Player

– These settings are already set you just press next stop it
– In the next window you choose Intall now

how to install windows 7 dvd dia

Step 3: Select the version of win 7 you want to install and then select Next.

guide to install windows 7 dvd dia

– In the next window, you put a checkmark I accept the license tems then keep pressing next

install windows 7 bang dia dvd

– Next choose Custom (advanced)

Install Windows 7 with DVD Player

Step 4: Select the partition where Windows 7 will be installed and proceed with the selected partition format.

Install Windows 7 with DVD Player

Note: specify the partition to install Windows otherwise you will lose all important data.
– When the format is complete, the computer will reboot and appear win 7 boot screen

Install Windows 7 with USB

At this point, you should let the automatic installation process take place.

Step 5: Set region options, set username, time zone, active windows section if you don’t have the key, select active laters. At this point, the installation of win 7 from the DVD drive is complete.

win 7 state in supply

The above article has shown you how to install Windows 7 on a DVD, so that you can use the new operating system on your computer effectively. In addition, you can also refer to many different ways to install windows 7 for your computer.

The common and popular way to install Windows 7 is to install Windows 7 using USB, but to do this, you need create Windows 7 installer from USB before.

If you want to use Win 8, 8.1 on your computer, you can also refer install win 8 for computers has been introduced by in tips.
Windows 10 is the latest operating system version today. Installing Windows 10 on your computer is as easy as installing Windows 8. If you haven’t installed it successfully, you should see how install win 10 which we have detailed in the Windows 10 tips and tricks.


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