How to install Windows Movie Maker, make movies, edit videos

The following article, will guide you how to install specific and detailed Windows Movie Maker to help you can make movies, edit videos easily. Not only editing your favorite video clips, but Windows Movie Maker software also supports inserting music, editing video editing.

You want to use an extremely simple video and image editing and editing tool. The following article will guide you to install Windows Movie Maker, a popular and very easy to use photo editing software today.

How to install Windows Movie Maker, make movies, edit videos

Key features of Windows Movie Marker:

– Edit video clips to your liking.

Supports many different media file formats.

Insert music into video clips.

– Support edit video image editing tool.

System requirements:

Windows Movie Maker requires your computer to use Windows operating system at least from Windows XP or higher

Instructions for installing Windows Movie Maker:

Step 1: To be able to download Windows Movie Maker, you must download Windows Live Essentials software, because Windows Movie Maker is integrated into it.

Download Windows Live Essentials right here.

Step 2: In the Windows Movie Maker installation, you have the right to choose the software to install or install all Install all of Windows Esentials as suggested by Windows.

Install Windows Movie Maker

Step 3: You only need to wait for about 1 minute and then the Windows Live Essentials message will complete, close to finish the installation process.

Install Windows Movie Maker

Step 4: Open Start menu out, you can type search Windows Movie Maker or you will see Windows Movie Maker immediately show the newly added applications.

Install Windows Movie Maker

Step 5: The next step Windows Live Essentials will ask you to confirm the terms, press Accept to agree.

Install Windows Movie Maker

Step 6: Next system requirements hasng nhEnter your Outlook account or related microsoft accounts that you have signed up for.

Install Windows Movie Maker

Bestimated 7: After completing all the steps to install Windows Movie Maker software, you can access Windows Movie Maker.

Install Windows Movie Maker

After installing Windows Movie Maker software, you refer How to use Windows Movie Maker to be able to use this software in the best way. Overall, Windows Movie Maker is one of the most popular video editing software today.
Install Windows Movie Maker to assist users in editing, editing videos, turning photos and videos into a seamless movie, splitting, connecting videos together, providing different effects to create. so the new video. The video after being created will be stored on computers, external storage devices or shared with friends, relatives, uploaded to the Internet.


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