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How to install WinRAR, compress and decompress data files on the computer


Installing WinRAR will not be too difficult for you, the software for compressing and decompressing data files on the computer helps you reduce the capacity to share files with your friends. Refer to how to download and install WinRAR 64bit of

Currently on the Internet, there are many tools to support file compression and decompression such as WinRAR, WinZip, IZarc, 7-zip, etc. Among them, the tool that supports compressing and decompressing files, Winrar is always used by users. rated higher than 7 Zip or WinZip by faster compression and decompression speed, easy to use, does not require a high configuration computer. Although used a lot, very few people know how to install this software properly. The following article will guide you how to install WinRAR on your computer easily without any problems.

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How to install WinRAR, compress and decompress data files on the computer

Table of Contents:
* How to install WinRAR on the computer.
* Instructions to use WinRAR to compress and decompress data.

Instructions for installing WinRAR on the computer

System requirements: To install Winrar software, your computer must use operating systems such as Windows, Mac Osx and Linux.

BConvention 1: You must first download the Winrar installer to your computer. For better support, download the latest version of WinRAR: download Winrar 64bit

Step 2: Run the WinRAR installation file by left clicking on the installation file.
An installation window will appear. To install, click on the “Install“.

how to install winrar

Step 3: After pressing Install, The system will automatically install on your computer in seconds. Then, a new window will appear and ask you to customize the parameters of the software.

At Associate Winrar with: Here you select the formats that Winrar supports (Normally you can leave this option the default or if you want Winrar to support all the formats included in the settings, you choose Select all)

At Interface: There are 3 options here, which allow you to create the Winrar boot file above
+ Add Winrar to Desktop: Create boot file on computer screen.
+ Add Winrar to Start Menu: Create boot file in Start bar
+ Create Winrar program group: Create open program group with Winrar
At Shell Integration: Here asks you to choose a combination of Winrar. (You can leave the options default)
After completing the parameter settings, please select “Ok”.

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Step 4: After completing the parameter settings, configuration and “Ok, got it“, a new number will appear indicating the WinRAR installation has completed

Install Winrar on computer

Manual for using WinRAR to compress and decompress data

After installing WinRar on the computer successfully, the software integrated into the right-click menu for you to easily manipulate and use. In addition, all compressed files: Rar, rip, … available on your computer will immediately change the icon icon similar to the icon of WinRar software.

1. To compress the data file Open the folder to be compressed, right click and select Add to archive … to compress the data

The dialog box that appears includes: Archive Name: File name after compression, Archive format: Select compressed file format. Click OK, got it to compress the data.

And the file after compression looks like the picture below.

2. Extract the data.

Extract files … to extract data

A dialog box appears, click OK, got it

And here is the directory after extracting, you just need to double click on the folder to view the data

So you have successfully installed WinRAR on the computer already. As a result, WinRAR works well on your computer, WinRAR automatically configures itself to the computer you are using, so there will be no errors due to system incompatibility like Stopped Working, or unexpected stop during software usage … References 7 best features of WinRAR, and see which features you haven’t used yet

Currently, not only WinRAR is the only software that supports file compression and decompression, but many other software also support this feature such as 7 Zip or WinZip, in which, WinZip is rated for compression speed and The extract is also very good.

With many file compression software installed on the computer, choosing the default software to compress and open compressed files also makes it difficult for users, if you are interested, you can refer to how Open the default zip file with WinRAR has introduced.



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