How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress

WordPress is becoming more and more popular and selected by many users because of its ease of use. Using WordPress allows users to create different websites, so in this article, will show you how to install WordPress on your host or Localhost.

If you’ve ever designed or created a WordPress blog, you can continue to create your own WordPress website. The steps to install WordPress are not too difficult. Before you learn how to install WordPress, here are some system requirements that you need to know to install WordPress.

How to install WordPress

System requirements for installing WordPress

– Database: MySQL 5.0 and above.
– Web Server (Web server):

WAMP (for Windows)
LAMP (for Linux)
XAMP (for multiple platforms)
MAMP (for Mac)

Operating system: All platforms.
Browser support: IE (Internet Explorer 8+), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
PHP Compatibility: PHP 5.2 and above.

Download WordPress

First you need to prepare the installer, which you can download below.

Download and install WordPress for Windows here: Download WordPress
Download and install WordPress for Mac here: Download WordPress for Mac
Download and install WordPress for Linux here: Download WordPress for Linux

installing wordpress 2

Create database database

– WordPress requires a MySQL database. So you have to create an empty database with username / password (such as username and password as “root”, or whatever you want). See more ways Install WordPress on Localhost to know how to create Localhost with XAMPP

You can then continue the WordPress installation process that introduces below.

Install WordPress

The steps to install WordPress on your system are quite simple. Down here

Step 1: Extract the WordPress file that you downloaded in the previous step and upload it to the web server or localhost.
Step 2: Open any browser on your computer and navigate to the WordPress file path, on the screen will display the first WordPress installation window as shown below. In this tutorial, the WordPress file path is localhost /.

installing wordpress 3

Choose any language you want for WordPress and then click Tiếp tục.

Step 3: In this step you can view the necessary information for the database before proceeding with WordPress installation.

installing wordpress 4

Click here Let’s go.

Step 4: Here you will have to fill in information about MySQL database as in the following illustration:

how to install wordpress 5

Database Name: Enter the database name you created in the MySQL database for WordPress.
Username (username): Enter your MySQL database username.

– Passsword: Enter the password you set for the MySQL database.
– Database Host: Enter the server name, the default is localhost.
– Table Prefix: Used to add prefix in database tables to run multiple websites on the same database. Use default values ​​for Table Prefix.

After completing the information, click the button Submit.

Step 5: WordPress checks the database settings and displays the confirmation screen as shown below.

installing wordpress 6

Click here Run the install.

Step 6: Enter Admin information in the boxes as follows:

installing wordpress 7

– Site Title: Enter the website name you will create in WordPress.
– Username: Enter the username you want to use your WordPress login.
Username twice: Enter the password 2 times to protect your site.
– Your email: Enter your email address to recover your password or install updates.
– Privacy: Allow search engines to index the website after checking the box.

After completing the information, click the button Install WordPress.

Step 7: After successful installation, the screen will display the message of successful installation as shown below.

installing wordpress 8

You can see details of usernames and passwords added in WordPress.

Click the button Log In.

Step 8: After clicking Log In, on the screen will display the WordPress Admin dashboard as below.

how to install wordpress 9

Enter the username and password you created in step 6 and click the button Log In.
The article on has just taught you the whole way to install WordPress. The following article will introduce you more about the control panel and how to add items in WordPress.


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