How to install XAPK file on Android phone

The operation of installing XAPK files on Android phones has many similarities when you install the APK file, but users need to keep in mind a few notes when performing to get the best effect, avoid errors or data loss. during installation.

Next to the file APK Contains the installer, users who want to install games or applications from external sources on Android phones also need to download their data directory. Process sometimes makes it difficult for many users, causing many unexpected errors if you are not too technical.

Understanding this, programmers have created XAPK format files to help users install applications and games faster and easier.

What is an XAPK file? Benefits of XAPK.

Put simply, XAPK is a compressed file, composed of two components: the APK installation file and the Data folder. Instead of having to download each component, now users only need to download only one XAPK file and install.

By downloading an APK or XAPK file, users can play games or experience interesting applications that are restricted from the country where the installation is not supported. At the same time, this is also a simple way for users to move all game data, applications from the old device to the new device quickly and fully.

Instructions to install XAPK file on Android phones.

First, you need to install the latest APKPure support tool on the device. Quick download link of this tool is shared by Taimienphi right below.
– Download the APKPure app for Android phones: Download APKPure
After installing APKPure successfully, open this app on your phone and follow these steps.
Step 1: First, you need to connect your phone to the computer and copy the prepared XAPK file into the folder Download on the device.
Note: You need to save the XAPK file in the Download folder in the device memory, not on the memory card.
Step 2: Open the application APKPure, at the main working interface of the application, click 3 dash symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

how to set up the file to download android phone 2

Step 3: Friend swipe the screen From right to left to get to the card APK / XAPK management.

how to install the file downloaded on android phone 3

Step 4: You will see a list of APK or XAPK files on the device, press the button Setting appears beside. The XAPK format file will only display the app or game icon, not the name as an APK file.

how to set up the file to download on android phone 4

Step 5: The system will display a notice, asking you to confirm again, press the button Setting one more time.

how to install the file on android phone 5k file

After the installation is completed, open the application, play the game on your device and use it as usual.

As can be seen, the process of installing XAPK files on Android phones is not complicated, with just 5 steps, you can easily install your favorite games or applications on your device without worrying about being Country limits, in the process of implementation, if you encounter any problems, please leave a comment below the article for Taimienphi to answer as soon as possible!

Currently there are many ways to download APK files directly from the CH Play app store or Google Play Store to your computer, you can use the online tool as well as through the 3rd application, if you do not know how to use , please refer to the way Download the APK file directly from the Google Play Store on your computer here.


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