How to install Xmeye Camera

Xmeye Camera is a software, a camera tracking application on computers or mobile phones, with a simple way to install Xmeye Camera, supporting many types of camera models today, making Xmeye Camera one of the best options The current.

On the camera market today there are many software, camera applications that help you view the camera remotely and support a lot of different types of cameras. Out Install Xmeye Camera We have a lot of different software but it is not sure that they meet your criteria. So why not install Xmeye Camera as in this article with the instructions of We are always looking for the best for users to experience.

Configure Xmeye Camera settings:

Processor – CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 Ghz.
RAM memory: 4 GB
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 32bit or 64 bit.
Graphics card VGA: Intel HD or higher.
Free memory: 1 GB.

– iPhone version requires iOS 10.3.3 or higher.
– Android version requires Android 5.0.1 or higher.

Download Xmeye Camera to your computer here, Xmeye Camera has many versions including computers and phones, please download first Xmeye Come on, computer.

– Download Xmeye for Android here.
– Download Xmeye for iPhone here.
– Download Xmeye for Macbook here.

How to install Xmeye Camera

Step 1: After downloading Xmeye Camera, we will extract and use it WinRAR to extract this software.

how to install xmeye camera 2

Step 2: Proceed to run Xmeye Camera in the most complete mode is Run as Administrator to ensure every feature or access works.

how to install xmeye camera 3

Step 3: Proceed with normal installation with The basic language is English.

how to install xmeye camera 4

Step 4: Xmeye Camera’s first greeting, click next.

how to install xmeye camera 5

Step 5: Choose where to save Xmeye Camera software, if you don’t want you to just do it next.

how to install xmeye camera 6

Next until the general information as shown below you just click next Last time to install.

how to install xmeye camera 7

Step 6: Click on it finish to complete the installation of Xmeye Camera.

how to install xmeye camera 8

Step 7: Open the software to select the installation language, because there is no Vietnamese, so just choose English.

how to install xmeye camera 9

Step 8: Xmeye Camera login interface appears, please use this default account until you go inside and create new ones later.

how to install xmeye camera 10

Step 9: At this point, we have access to Xmeye Camera interface, the rest is to install and use Xmeye Camera, please allow to come to the following post, which will guide in detail.

how to set up xmeye camera 11

Above is the first tutorial on how to install Xmeye Camera, there are still many other instructions on Xmeye Camera or computer viewing software on the computer that we want to send to readers, helping to choose camera viewing software on the computer, the most optimal laptop.
However, readers should also note that these camera viewer software has nothing to do with how to view the traffic camera, two in two completely different categories. There have been readers asking about this issue and by the way, this article,, confirms that we cannot view traffic cameras through unauthorized third-party software.


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