How to install xVideoServiceThief

How to install xVideoServiceThief

Learn how to install xVideoServiceThief gives you a great utility to be able to download videos online from many websites on the internet. With this tool, you can download YouTube videos or high-quality online video sharing services within seconds.

xVideoServiceThief is a powerful tool to download Youtube videos online. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, you can easily download videos from online video sharing services in the world with just a few clicks. Not only supports downloading many videos at the highest speed, but xVideoServiceThief also supports converting videos to popular audio and picture formats. Let’s learn how to install xVideoServiceThief to use this software on your computer.

How to install xVideoServiceThief

Step 1: Download the latest version of xVideoServiceThief here: Download xVideoServiceThief

Step 2: Launch the xVideoServiceThief installer. At the first interface click next to proceed with the software installation steps.

Step 3: In the next interface, you can press Browse …If you want to change the directory, the hard drive stores xVideoServiceThief

installing xvideoservicethief 2

Step 4: After selecting a new archive folder, press OK, got it to save settings.

installing xvideoservicethief 3

Step 5: Press next to continue with the steps to install xVideoServiceThief on the computer

installing xvideoservicethief 4

Step 6: Press Install and the program will automatically unzip and install xVideoServiceThief onto the address you have chosen. The installation process will take a short time.

installing xvideoservicethief 5

Step 7: After the installation is successful, press finish to turn off the xVideoServiceThief installation window

installing xvideoservicethief 6

Step 8: Start the xVideoServiceThief program to check if the installation of xVideoServiceThief has encountered an error.

installing xvideoservicethief 7

Above has instructed you to read how to install xVideoServiceThief, a great tool for downloading videos online. In more detail, you follow the tutorial article Download YouTube video with xVideoServiceThieff here
If you do not want to download YouTube videos with software, you can refer to some ways to download YouTube videos without software that instructs. Good luck !


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