How to join MP3 files, merge 2 MP3 files into 1

You have a lot of songs but do not know how to join MP3 files to make them into a single file, serving for your company music night or Gala. With the following simple and effective solution will help you join MP3 files, merge 2 or more MP3 files into one extremely simple.

To join MP3 files on the computer is extremely simple because today there are dozens of tools and software to support this. And if you have not found the necessary MP3 file joining software, stop immediately because you do not need to do this anymore. will support you to join MP3 files using the best software and tools but completely free.

Referring to the MP3 file joining software, we can’t help but mention MP3 Splitter Joiner, a free software. We can join music by MP3 Splitter Joiner with extremely simple operations, and selections Pair music with MP3 Splitter Joiner Also one of the references you can check out in addition to this article.

Instruction to join MP3 files, merge 2 MP3 files into 1

In this article, we will use MP3 Joiner Pro software to conduct joining MP3 files, join 2 or more files into 1. First, readers need to download MP3 Joiner Pro to the computer and install it here, download MP3 Joiner Pro.

Step 1: Install MP3 Joiner Pro software as usual, open the software and then Next until the installation is completed we will open the MP3 Joiner Pro interface as shown below.

how to say mp3 file collage 2 mp3 files thanh 1 2

Step 2: Assuming here we have 2 music files named in order of 1 and 2 with the length of each file about 5 minutes, now the thing to do is Drag and drop both files into the MP3 Joiner Pro software.

how to merge mp3 file 2 mp3 file audio 1 3

Step 3: After dragging and dropping, click on the icon as shown below to join MP3 files, helping join these 2 MP3 files into 1.

Note: MP3 Joiner Pro software will join MP3 files in order from top to bottom, you can adjust the song order to change the order when joining MP3 files.

how to merge mp3 file 2 mp3 file audio 1 4

The process of joining MP3 files will take place very quickly and after you finish, click Open Dir to open the folder containing the newly assembled file.

how to merge mp3 file 2 mp3 file audio bar 1 5

Step 4: Double click on the file to see if the MP3 file connection is complete, in the correct order.

how to merge mp3 file 2 mp3 file audio 1 6

And if the result is correct and accurate with the duration of the other two MP3 files, that is, joining the MP3 files, merging 2 MP3 files into one is complete.

how to merge mp3 file 2 mp3 file audio 1 7

With just a few basic operations, you see, joining the MP3 file with MP3 Joiner Pro is complete. Not only 2 files but you can join multiple files into any one file with MP3 Joiner Pro, but completely free, fully used for functions.
Above is the software that helps you join MP3 files, other than MP3, what about other types of files and files. Please refer to the top of the best file merge software below, with the Software for joining files The following are not only MP3, mp4 files but also a variety of formats that can support your needs.


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