How to join the Amazing Summer VioEdu 2022, Math Arena version

As the version of VioEdu Math Arena, the way to participate in VioEdu Amazing Summer is also very simple and easy. However, first of all, you need to register for an account on VioEdu, log in. Please refer to the detailed instructions in the following article.

Amazing Summer VioEdu is a useful playground for students to help encourage the spirit of learning while playing during the summer break organized by VioEdu. In addition to fostering a passionate love for Mathematics and improving knowledge, this playground also helps relieve, relax, and connect students. How to join Summer of Wonders VioEdu as follows.

How to register for the VioEdu Summer Exciting Contest

1. How to register a student account VioEdu

If you do not have an account to log in to VioEdu, please follow the steps below to create an account.

Step 1: On the browser, you access the VioEdu page HERE.
Step 2: You pull up the screen, fill in information in the boxes Full name, Username, Enter password, Re-enter password, Mobile number, Email…

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Step 3: You continue to fill in the box Studying area (Note: remember to fill in the correct information, especially choosing a course). then click on “I’m not a robot“. Then they click”Register“.

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Step 4: The system will send a confirmation code to the phone number you registered above. Children open and type in the box. Next, you click “Confirm“. Thus, you have completed the registration and created an account on VioEdu.

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2. How to login to your VioEdu account

Once you have an account, you use it to log into the system.

Step 1: Access the VioEdu login page HERE.
– Step 2: Children Enter Username, Password in the corresponding box.

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– Step 3: When finished entering, please click “Log in“It’s done.

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3. How to join the wonderful summer VioEdu

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to take part in the VioEdu Amazing Summer.

– Step 1: You click on “Arena“.

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Step 2: You guys click on “Amazing summer“.


– Step 3: You choose”Conquer the land“When it’s time for the match to take place, please click”Participation“.

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For on VioEdu app, you also log in and participate in the same way as on your computer.
– Load VioEdu for Android
– Load VioEdu for iPhone
How to join Amazing Summer VioEdu have been guided above, you must have participated in this useful playground, making your summer meaningful and gaining more knowledge.

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