How to know the standard iPhone charger

Counterfeit and standard iPhone chargers have relatively similar looks, but there are still some distinct features that users can easily distinguish with the naked eye, below Taimienphi will give you some tips on how to get know how to charge standard iPhone and fake goods, fake quality.

We can not deny the popularity of the iPhone comes with a lot of trouble, and one of them is the charging device. How to Get to know the standard iPhone charger , is the charger you are using is genuine or not it is Fake 1, Fake 2 and even worse than that. To ensure the safety of your device as well as the life of the device, the following article will help you better understand these issues.

Get to know the standard iPhone charger
Table of Contents:
1. How to charge standard iPhone?
2. Differentiate between standard and fake iPhone cable chargers

Instructions on how to identify standard iPhone charger

1. How to charge standard iPhone?

– You can understand simply that the standard iPhone charger is the type that comes with the device or is distributed by large authorized units in Vietnam. In addition, standard iPhone chargers are often very expensive because, as you know, Apple doesn’t sell anything cheap.

– You can also use some types of third-party chargers that receive Apple MFI certification, which is a qualification certificate for its devices.

– Many shop owners sell iPhone chargers on websites with ads for genuine iPhones, zin or peeled chargers, when asked if they came from China, they said they could “jump” from Foxconn factory in Que Vo, Bac Ninh meanwhile they only guarantee one week of charging, although Apple warranty of genuine one year. Basically, this type can also be considered genuine as there are certain errors and if errors occur you will not be allowed to return.

2. Differentiate between standard and fake iPhone cable chargers?

At first, you may recognize that counterfeit goods are often printed incorrectly, are fuzzy and feel very bad. Incorrect printing is quite common as “Design by Abble” or “Designed by California”, instead of “Designed by Apple in California” as genuine …

how to recognize the iphone standard chuan 2

While there have also been knock-off chargers made in a more sophisticated way, making recognizing standard iPhone chargers difficult. But no matter how sophisticated the knockoff is, it can’t be helped.

In addition, you will see the fake iPhone charger on the USB plug with the cable will see the contact is tight and not sure, whereas the Apple product is very well matched and strong.

how to know the standard iphone 3

On the genuine charger, the letters are printed in a sharp and delicate way to read while charging the iPhone is cloned and more difficult to read.

how to know the iphone4 standard sac 4

Genuine iPhone chargers will have a copper-made USB slot, and for clones, the USB slot is made of a silver-colored metal.

how to know the iphone 5s standard 5

As for the original battery charging cable, about 106 cm long, coarse, not slippery, 8 copper contacts, brown and glossy, reflecting light, with the words “Designed by Apple” in California Assembled in China “and a piece of code on the cord is exactly 15cm from the USB head, shaved without flying words.

how to recognize the iphone standard chu 6

With the guide to identify the standard iPhone charger above, hope readers will have more knowledge in the process of using the iPhone as well as avoid the loss of disability when buying poor quality products.

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