How to limit Wifi bandwidth

How to limit Wifi bandwidth

Proceeding with a limit on the wifi and internet bandwidth at the place where you work and live will help make the network connection more stable. and download, so you won’t have to worry about watching movies or playing games with jerky or lag.

Why must we limit Wifi bandwidth when to run Max bandwidth better? It is true that running at full speed is great, but you should only be “happy” with you, and for those who install, thanks to you, you should limit them so they do not overuse your bandwidth. . Or more practical, in a company, the limited bandwidth will help employees not watch videos, download heavy game files during working hours.

How to limit Wifi bandwidth

There are many types of Wifi Modem of different brands, but basically, these Wifi have a common part to help you limit Wifi bandwidth. And in this article, will guide to limit Wifi bandwidth on Modem TP link WR845N, the most popular device today.

– To access the admin page, it is up to the user to set it as good or whatever address you have set before.

>> Then enter the default account name and password, make sure this part you are the network administrator you must know already, right?

Step 1: On the Modem system administration interface, here is TP Link WR845N Modem we enter DHCP in advance to reset.

how to limit wifi connection 2

Step 2: Here you re-enable DHCP and allow only settings Use IP from 20 to 255 only. This setup will help you re-plan the IP, which is the feature that any modem has, of course, with the more advanced Modem, creating “Rules” will be a lot easier.

how to limit wifi connection 3

Step 3: Next go to the section Bandwidth Control, which will allow you to limit Wifi bandwidth.

how to limit wifi connection 4

Step 4: Here you check Enable Banwitdh Control and adjust the two download and upload values ​​as follows:

how to limit wifi access 5

– As shown in the picture we put Egress Bandwith and Ingress Bandwith was 60,000 The Kbps by the network we are using is 60 Mbps if converted and the speed after conversion will be 7, 5 MB and this will be the speed for all Wifi users when not limited.

>> Now click on Add new to set up additional WiFi bandwidth limit command.

Step 5: In this you just need to click on Enable so it can be applied immediately.

– At the part IP Range to 20 to 255 like the one you set above (and from 1 to 19 you should be your IP).

– At 2 parts Egress Bandwidth and Ingress Bandwidth depending on the options you let from 2048 kbps to a maximum of 10240 Kbps ie 256 Kbs to 1 Mbs Only, lower than the maximum speed by 7 times.

how to limit wifi connection 6

And the last job you need to do is reboot re-set your Wifi modem so all settings and settings return to their original form.

how to limit wifi connection 7

The above is a guide on how to limit WiFi bandwidth applied to small businesses or home networks. Bandwidth reset is the best way to manage your Wifi network. Avoid downloading movies, heavy files online with bluff and affecting other people ‘s use.

In addition to limiting the WiFi bandwidth, changing the Wifi password is also a measure to restrict users, especially your neighbors, to change the Wifi password we also have to go to the system management as in Posts.
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