How to live stream YouTube, play live videos on Youtube from Laptop with OBS

How to live stream YouTube, play live video on Youtube from Laptop? How difficult is the implementation? These are all questions of many young people sent to to ask how to stream Youtbe, the following article will help you find the answers to these questions of everyone. Please follow along.

Software OBS or the full name is Open Broadcaster Software allows users to make screen recording and live stream – play live video. OBS software is completely free and open source, you can use OBS to live stream YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or similar websites or you can simply record the video yourself. Their own with high quality H264 / ACC encryption. OBS is always a top choice for YouTube streamers, you can refer to the way of Live Stream Youtube through the article below.

How to live Youtube, stream videos directly on Youtube from Laptop

System requirements:

– Operating system: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
– Software to support live streaming OBS Studio. You can download it here: Download OBS
– Some OBS support software such as Visual C ++, DirectX …
– You can actively download these software:
– DirectX: Download DirectX here.
– Visual C ++: Download Visual C here.
– Youtube account (You can also use the gmail account to use for Youtube, if gmail is not available, please refer to how). Sign up for gmail here)

– The account has activated live streaming, press COME IN to check if you can live stream YouTube.
– The condition for Youtube live stream is a verified account, activated by a mobile device when registering for Gmail and does not violate video streaming within 90 days.

cach live stream video

How to stream YouTube is done as follows:

Step 1: Install OBS software on your computer, if not sure how to see our guide here: how install Open Broadcaster.

Step 2: Access the address HERE Then proceed to login with your account.

live stream video on youtube

Areas for managing live stream pages on Youtube:

(1): The screen displays live streams
(2): Basic live stream information including name, description, privacy settings, tags (tags) …
(3) Live stream encoder (used to connect with software that supports live stream)
(4): Chat table with people watching live stream
(5): Live stream analyzer with tracking data in chart form.

Step 3: You set up basic live stream information in section (2)

live stream video on youtube

Step 4: Open the OBS software installed on the computer. On the OBS toolbar, select Setting

live stream video on youtube

Step 5: In Setting, choose Broadcast settings, select streaming service Youtube / Youtube Gaming, click on the line Stream Key

live stream video on youtube

Step 6: Go back to Youtube, go to Set up encoder, copy the Name / stream stream then paste it into the Stream Key on OBS (Note, keep this key secret). Click OK, got it to complete the connection

live stream video on youtube

Step 7: Set the Live stream image, you return to the main interface of the OBS software. Right-click on the cell Source, then press More.

live stream video on youtube

Here you can select the images you want to Live stream.

With live game or video streaming, you choose Monitor Capture or if you want to live stream the image via webcam, you choose Video recording equipment

Here I for example live stream my computer screen to Youtube. Click Choose Monitor Capture. Then enter an arbitrary name.

live stream video on youtube

Set all parameters to default, then press Agree

live stream video on youtube

Additionally you can still add your webcam images in parallel at the corner of the screen. Same as above, select More =>Video recording equipment

Click Preview Stream to check before official broadcast.

live stream video on youtube

live stream video on youtube

Step 8: Click Start Streaming to start the livestream. You turn to the YouTube page to check the image displayed.

Above the display screen will have color and stream status

live stream video on youtube

Step 9: On the interface Youtube Find the item Share. Here you can share your live video stream on social networks, or copy the link to share with everyone.

live stream video on youtube

That way, you can stream your YouTube content to YouTube and share it with everyone. You can use this tool to share game content, socialize with friends or share other content to everyone. Not only on YouTube, but even popular social networks like Facebook are now very popular. The way to live Facebook stream is similar to the way of YouTube live stream that we guide above, you can also use OBS to stream live Facebook easily. Jobs are very popular and not inferior to Youtube. Also if you use your phone and want to play live video streaming on it, see the instructions Play live video on Youtube from phone Please

How to Share Share Liveestream into Facebook Group safely and effectively? If you are an online sales business on Facebook, please consult immediately to share Share Livestream into this Facebook Group.


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