How to lock the computer screen, laptop when not in use

How to lock the computer screen, laptop when not in use

Locking your computer screen and laptop when not in use will help your data to be more secure. Now you can comfortably go out to solve problems without worrying about anyone peeking at your computer.

In this article, will guide you how to lock your computer when not in use. Currently transactions and payments are made via the Internet, so it is very dangerous if your computer is controlled by someone else while away.

Lock your computer screen when not in use

Step 1: First you download the tool Mouse Lock

Step 2: After launching, the software will ask you to set a password.

Click the button Advanced (advanced functions), you will come across the following functions.

  • Disallow execution of special software to prevent termination of Mouse Lock: No software is allowed to prevent Mouse Lock.
  • Enable Mouse Trap: Turn on Mouse Trap
  • Dim Background: Open the background
  • Disallow moving of window: Do not move the window
  • Allow motitoring of password attempts: The dimness of the screen.

lock screen computer mouse lock

After setup, the computer will lock the screen when not in use. The interface will look like below.

computer science
So has just introduced you how to lock the computer screen when not in use. In fact, the mouse will be locked until you enter the correct password previously set. The software is also very convenient because you do not need to install and still use it. In addition we also guide lock Desktop Windows 7 with just one click. Besides, users of Windows 8 operating system can also refer to the instructions change Windows 8 lock screen wallpaper Very interesting in your own style


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