How to log in ProtonMail on computers and phones

Signing up to ProtonMail on computers and Android phones or iPhones seems to be not difficult but in fact, it confuses many new users, the following guide will help you log in and use the ProtonMail service. Easy on any device you want.

Ages ago long ago, ProtonMail has been rated by cybersecurity experts as one of the leading email security services. Thanks to the ability to encrypt data, email self-destruction feature, ProtonMail is also quickly trusted and used by many Vietnamese people.

Instructions on how to log in ProtonMail

However, currently ProtonMail does not have a Vietnamese version of the interface. This makes it difficult for those who are new to this new email service. Within the framework of this article, Taimienphi will show you how Log in to ProtonMail on computers and phones quickly and accurately.

Log in ProtonMail on your computer and phone

* How to log in ProtonMail on the computer

Before learning how to sign in ProtonMail, users need to have the browser software installed on their computer. Interested users can download the latest versions of some popular browsers currently in the link below.

– Download the Google Chrome software here: Download Google Chrome
– Download the Firefox software here: Download Firefox

After you have installed or updated your browser, follow the steps of the instructions.

Step 1: Access to Home ProtonMail follow the link Here, then click the button LOG IN located in the upper right corner of the screen;

how to log in protonmail on your computer and phone 2

Step 2: In the new login window appears, you proceed to fill account name and password in the corresponding information boxes. Keep pressing LOGIN to perform the login process; If you do not have an account, please refer to the way Create a ProtonMail account here.

how to log in protonmail on your computer and phone 3

After successful login, the browser will display the content as shown below.

how to log in protonmail on a computer and a phone 4

* How to sign in ProtonMail on Android and iPhone devices

In addition to working in the browser, ProtonMail also has two separate applications that allow users to manage email right on Android and iPhone phones. To use ProtonMail on your phone, immediately download the application and follow the instructions.

– Download ProtonMail for iPhone
– Download ProtonMail for Android

ProtonMail interface and operation on Android and iPhone versions are relatively similar. Taimienphi will illustrate the login steps on the ProtonMail application for iPhone, Android users view and perform the same;

Step 1: You open the application ProtonMail;

how to log in protonmail on a computer and a phone 5

Step 2: The application will display a dialog asking for information Account and password . Please enter information and press Login ;

how to log in protonmail on a computer and a phone 6

If this is the time you log into ProtonMail on your phone, the system will show you a manual slide. You can view all or skip to the main working screen;

how to log in protonmail on a computer and a phone 7
Just now Taimienphi has performed the operation Log in to ProtonMail on computer devices and Android phones and iPhones. Hopefully, after consulting the tutorial, you will no longer have trouble signing in and have a great experience with this leading security email service, then compare with how to sign in to Gmail to see if it is different. Please.


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